Sushi at Home Kit for 4



Sushi at Home Kit for 4

$9.99+ $5 shipping


1 Salton Sushi at Home Kit SGSK5


stinks like rotten fish…oh wait is it dishwasher safe?


I got 3 of these the last time. I kept one and gave 2 as gifts. It comes in a really nice box. Looks very $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


19.99 on froogle. Not a killer deal.


I bought two of these last time. A lady friend and I are supposed to make sushi sometime soon aha. I remember a lot of people being disappointed that they didn’t get this last time. This is a very good deal.


Hurry up and buy 3 of them, better chance to find nimo!


Froogle best price 19.98 (without shipping)

If I ate sushi, I’d be down. However, I equate sushi to Area 51. Sushi is Japan’s way of teasing us… much like we use the farce of Area 51 to make the Russians wonder.


Come on people! I bought one of these when they were offered for $14.99!!! Save $5.00 right now … eat healthy. (I haven’t used mine yet … it might have been the fish they sent with it)


What even better way to impress your special guests of four to your culinary skills of an ever unsought gelfite “Fugu”?* **

*Fugu not included

**emo guests not included


Woo HOOO!!! The kits are on the truck, set for delivery today!!!


This is the SICKEST (that means Awesome S#$@)… thing i have gotton on Woot. Im glad i jump into getting 3 of them, i heard about Wooters asking Woot to bring them back (i had no ideal why and now i know… hehe)… so many times before but no luck until the Woot-Off… I just open the package right now… and EVERYBODY LOVES this kit… they want more… so WOOT PLEASE bring them back again…

so far i have had several great and fun purchases with Woot with no problems… i never got any Refurbs… so my luck is good. :slight_smile:


Good to see your name here Pochacco. You used to be one of the few people I saw on the forum at a different site that changed items at noon eastern.

I think I will be giving sushi kits as birthday presents this year.


Wecome old friend from previous noon site, ya… i used to post at the other site, until things went down, and the day before it went standb… the owner post some rude comment to the members, so i decided never to return… basically it had a comment that disrespect the members… i just can repeat the rude foul comment… :slight_smile: