Sushi Chef 5 piece Sushi Kit

Interesting change-up. I was just talking about how to pair wine with sushi with a colleague today - erm… yesterday.

Meh. I can get all this stuff at Harris Teeter. No need to spend money on shipping for soy sauce.

Sushi Chef 5 piece Sushi Kit
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 Bamboo Rolling Mat and Paddle
1 Nori Toasted Seaweed Sheets - 5 Full sheets
1 Extra Fancy Short Grain Rice - 20 oz
1 Japanese Style Dark Soy Sauce - 10 FL oz
1 Wasabi Powder - 1 oz

But…it’s not even FRIDAY!

/has had a long week. Already.

Now we’re talking! Could have made it a little wine.wootier by throwing in a nice sake or five, but this looks great, although the fish won’t be very fresh by the time it gets to you.

So, this is the real wasabi, not the typical green-dyed horseradish they sell at most sushi joints?

The close up of the container says powdered horseradish so it’s probably the typical crap you find in America. No picture of an actual ingredients list though, so that could be wrong. But it probably isn’t.

Where can you actually get real wasabi? I found a farm nearby, but I wouldn’t bother with fresh stuff that I have to grind myself. I’ve been to some fine sushi joints and none have it.

It’s really 6 pieces. WIN!

Real wasabi can cost $100 per pound. This is the fake, ground, horse radish guaranteed.

Some sushi recipe links:

DIY Sushi Recipes

Well, this is woot. :slight_smile:

They call it Japanese horseradish in the description, which is a typical term for wasabi.

This package seems to be missing a crucial ingredient: sushi vinegar.

Sushi vinegar > soy sauce. However, either can be found – good quality product, of course – at any Japanese market. Man, I love sushi!

$100 an ounce?


I hope you realize this is false, or perhaps you’ve never been to an Asian supermarket, or Asia.

Wrong measurement. I read it a long while ago. It is actually $100/lbs.: “This is because real wasabi can be hard to find or very expensive outside Japan (up to $100/lb)” from

Original post edited.

And the stuff sold at Asian supermarkets is more often than not horse radish.

If you don’t own any of these materials then the price is worth it. Sushi Chef’s rice is better for some reason I do not know. The mat and spoon are essential for making sushi properly.

But if you own either of these utensils then it is not worth it. Sushi Chef is over-priced normally and short grain rice can be found anywhere for much cheaper. Go to your closest city and find a Chinese/Japan/Korean super market. You’ll find way better prices.

This kit also won’t teach you how to make good sushi as the trick is finding the right balance of sugar, rice vinegar and sea salt when seasoning the rice.


Sushi refers only to the vinegared rice. Makizushi is when the rice is wrapped in nori.

In the US, the roots are roughly $7-9 each. That comes out to about $80 to $100 a pound, so maybe you meant per pound?

EDIT: Saw your edit. Never mind. :slight_smile:

Guh - I’m seeing prices for the wasabi roots in the US and yeah, they are pretty jacked up compared to market prices here. Wikipedia’s image shows about $4 for a piece:

If you want to try fresh wasabi, just try to buy a root; you don’t really need to buy more than that because truth be told, a pound of wasabi is… excessive.

For more about wasabi, I found a link that’s informative: