Sushi Chef 5 piece Sushi Kit

Sushi Chef 5 piece Sushi Kit
$14.99 + $5 shipping
1 Bamboo Rolling Mat and Paddle
1 Nori Toasted Seaweed Sheets - 5 Full sheets
1 Extra Fancy Short Grain Rice - 20 oz
1 Japanese Style Dark Soy Sauce - 10 FL oz
1 Wasabi Powder - 1 oz

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Oh man if I was in the US I’d be ALL OVER this! How cool is that?!

$5 price drop since it was last offered

Ha! Yeah I guess you don’t really need it over there…

I don’t know what’s worse: This or the towels over at the main site.

Drop it another 10 and i’m all over it!

Could I hold on to this until christmas, or would parts of this go bad by then?

Nope, when I can go to my local rotating sushi restaurant and get my fill of sushi for under $10 I’d agree it’s not something I’d buy.

Plus, no shipping to me anyway. :frowning:

You can keep it till next Christmas, and probably four or five Christmases after that. Nothing to go bad - the rice, wasabi and norri are all dry, the soy sauce has already fermented.

But you might want to keep the bamboo pieces in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, such as your wine cellar.

The norri may go stale by then. It does not keep indefinitely.

Wasabi, though similar in taste, is not horseradish. Not even close.

Fantastique, this will make a good gift. I’m at work right now, but I’ll be buying one of these once I get home. (like 20 minutes from now)

I’m sure it will still be up, if not…fate!

The plant is related to horseradish though.

Still, though, most of the prepared wasabi you can buy in the market (I just bought some from the local Korean market, and looked them all over) are actually made of horseradish, or a blend of real wasabi (also known as Japanese horseradish)and horseradish.

This might make a good gift, but you can easily just buy all this stuff at an Asian market. One this this lacks is seasoned rice vinegar for the sushi rice. 20oz of short grain rice isn’t very much. My local Korean market (Hankook market) has the Japanese short grain rice on sale for like $17.99, and you get like 15 or 20 pounds.

Fresh whole Wasabi for sale. I like it more than others I’ve tried.

Total disappointment. Powder was wrapped in extra paper as the lids crack during shipment. All items were dollar store items so $5 would have been a normal price.

If I had really researched this instead of impulse buy, I wouldn’t feel so screwed.

How do I get text alerts for wine.woot items?

try: or

I would get this, but I already have everything here!