Suunto Sport Watches

I was interested in the CORE but seems like its not much of a deal compared to normal pricing on Amazon

I have the Vector. Not sure about the rest of the Suuntos, but button arrangement does take a bit of getting used to.
For the geeks…the Vector family was used on several of the Stargate shows.

What’s up with the 30 meter water resistance? My Timex I bought from Woot a few weeks ago is rated to 100 meters. I’d be afraid to snorkel with these watches.

Why isn’t woot giving 99% discount on these like all the other watches they sell like Invicta, Swiss Gear, etc. These should be offered for $5 + S/H

I had a Suunto (very similar to the orange one pictured here) years ago and it was of my favorite watches. I was heavy into mountain biking at the time and its large face and built in compass came in very handy. Mind you, this was before smartphones so it was a critical part of my ride.

I like Suunto very much and recommend them highly.

LOL, if they were priced like Invictas their MSRP would be $5000 and they would be discounted to $150 as they are right now :slight_smile:

Check competitor pricing. Not a deal on at least two of these watches. Haven’t checked the others. Woot, we buy despite your crappy no return policy because your pricing is – or was – unbeatable. Fictitious deals like these erode our trust in your pricing. Wooters won’t keep buying forever once you’ve lost their trust.

Hey there, I’m spotchecking pricing, on the ones I’ve checked we’re the lowest- which ones are you looking at? Where are they selling them lower?

Wish Woot would offer some Suunto dive computers…

Really? Do you have any idea how deep that is? I certainly don’t hit 30 meters without breathing apparatus.

I’ve had the Black Core for about a year now and wear it daily… It’s been a great purchase. Very happy with it.

Yes, I am very aware how deep 30 meters is.

Are you aware of how watches get their ratings?

A watch marked 30 meters water resistant cannot be expected to withstand activity for longer time periods in a swimming pool, let alone continue to function at 30 meters under water. This is because the test is conducted only once using static pressure on a sample of newly manufactured watches.

Thus my comment. I would not even snorkel with one of these watches, it would be destroyed.

See e.g.
for SS012197310 at $219 and also here on Amazon at $235 –

Maybe because Suunto is expecting when someone wants to go diving with their watch, they would be expecting you to wear one of thir dive computers, which has depth rating in which you can go down to that depth (up to 300m).

Why is Woot! seling the Black Core for $254.99 +$5 shipping when Amazon is selling the same watch for $223.54 & Free Shipping?!?

Hmmm, your link shows $269.

Right now it’s $250 not $269. Apparently Amazon’s pricing is moving. Wonder if Woot has ways to get Amazon to shift its pricing during Woot sales…?

Yeah, the price is definitely moving around. It’s down to $220 right now

No longer free shipping but still cheaper

Probably not an issue. It is very unlikely you will be snorkeling 90 feet deep.

And I know what you posted regarding testing and times for non-diving rated watches. But pressure is much more a concern than simple submersion.