Suunto Sport Watches

The core in red lava is avaliable sub $160 many places, as it is discontinued.

edit: annndd they removed it.

I love my Suunto watches, i wear the vector one and it holds up to major abuse without any issues. One thing i have found that is if you get brake cleaner on the back side it kinda melts the plastic lol. so watch out for that.

based on Suunto website, looks like standard mark up for HR versions is $40.

Too bad there aren’t any Ambit2 watches!

Too bad these are all made for guys’ wrists… anybody know watches as good as these made for female wrists?

Burberry . . . just kidding.

I have the Core All Black. It did break once in the first 12 months (the main button stopped functioning). I sent it in and got it back quickly either repaired or a new one. I think I paid around the same on Amazon from a reseller. I was a little concerned that it would be considered an unofficial seller, but no questions asked. It has been working fine since. I did read that they had some “bad batches” supposedly as they are assembled in China. Maybe that is why no questions were asked…