Swami Pinot Noir (6)



Swami 2009 Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$73.99 (Normally $102.00) 27% off List Price
2009 Swami Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
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Is this the one I’ve been reading a lot of people post about? Hoping that WW would bring it back?


I dunno, but the CT notes seem…uninspired.

For a pinot fan, maybe a fair daily drinker?


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I have been waiting for this to return & will be stocking up. I got it when it was offered with the Rockus Bockus & I liked the Swami much better. The first time I tried it, I was talking to a friend when I poured it and after I took my first sip, I lost my train of thought of what I was saying to her. I was that surprised that something in that outlandishly labelled bottle could be that good. I remember cherries & darkness, and a mental note to buy more the next time I saw it up for sale.


I bought this last year when it was offered and it was very good.

I am in for a case !


Anyone in New York interested in splitting a 1/2 case?


Hmm, will have to think on this one a bit. Just had a bottle of the Rockus Bachus last night, and it was still wonderful, one of the best QPR’s I’ve gotten from woot. I wish that was what was being offered, however, if this is even half as a good, there is still good QPR here.


I am a pinot fan and to me this is more than an every day drinker. Purchased the last time with the RB and I agree, this was the better wine. Very smooth, fruit forward, but not a single note. Good mouth feel and worthy of tasting not just drinking, especially at the price (I think the retail is even a good price, would rather pay over $20 for this than most wines at my local store). This is definitely a wine to enjoy.
To sum up, I put the RB out for parties and save this one for special company. In for a case.


If I remember right, this was offered with Rockus Bockus, and I fell in love with RB, although I’m a Cab guy, I seem to remember really likeing this stuff. Great to see if being offered again. Is RB next? I’m down to 11 bottles of RB and save it for special occasion’s


That’s funny, I was down to about the same before a party this weekend. Now I only have 7 or 8. But I only have 3 of the Swami so I am very excited it is being offered!
Love this maker and I believe these were the glow in the dark labels, last time they threw in a few extra with each purchase.


I am officially Better Than Everyone Else, thanks to the wine diapers on sellout-plus. Still debating this offering though, and still really wishing it was RB.


Oh, these were delicious, dare I say better than the RB that was offered in a 6 pack. I would definitely purchase another set of these if it wasn’t for those pesky bills.


I agree that this is better than the RB (that is good too and I did purchase that again when it was offered on its own). So it was an easy decision to buy a case.


You people are enablers and really need to stop saying this was better than the RB. I don’t have room/money for this but I love the RB and only have 2 bottles of pinot noir out of my 190 cellar.

Dave would you want two of these if I got them?


Also keep in mind you have unlocked free shipping, if I’m reading right from earlier in the thread and if that helps sway you.


Yeah, I unlocked free shipping with some dessert wine at 9:56 and then proceeded to buy a topsy turvy and wine diapers because of it. I already know what my wife would say about buying this, because she loved the RB we had last night and is an enabler as well, mostly because I pay the CC bill hah.

EDIT: Just looked back and not only were those my 98th, 99th and 100th woots, the dessert wine was my first “last wooter” and the other two my first “first suckers”.


This was actually very very good for the price point when it was last offered by Woot.

The only reason why I’m sitting on the fence is that I was just at a family wedding and took home 3 bottles of good stuff and have an earlier woot order on the way…but so tempted.

PS let me add I had no idea that the label glowed in the dark. Guess I didn’t consume it under, um, exciting enough circumstances.
I liked this a lot with my usual “lazy night” dinner of cheese, fruit, bread, and veggies (or pickled things) but it also held up well in the face of Indian food.

Still may cave and get later today.


Sure, I’m good for 2 and congrats on the black box!