Swann 4-Ch/2-Cam 500GB Security System

**Item: **Swann 4-Ch/2-Cam 500GB Security System
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stop looking at me Swann!

How does this work? Are the cameras hooked up to wires that connect to the main unit that is inside your house?

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400 TV Lines is low resolution. You might get a clear image at a few feet, beyond that not so much.

Swann does make a good system however, their DVR’s are easy to setup and user friendly.

If you buy this system buy some additional 700 line resolution cameras or better for the other two channels.

Yes, the kit comes with 60ft BNC cables (with attached power). The DVR can reside anywhere inside you wish, but keep in mind it needs a hardline network connection to utilize the web based functions (remote viewing and email).

You’re also going to want a computer screen or television attached to it so you can setup the DVR and view your camera feeds.

Analog security cameras, like these, are going the way of the dinosaur. You would be better off with a Swann IP camera package.

I have been looking for a security camera system - almost pulled the trigger on this system but found this at the costco site –http://tinyurl.com/m4lfg2k -
A much better value which includes 4 x 700 TVL cameras, 2 x 100 ft. & 2 x 60 ft. cables.
Your welcome

That Costco system is FAR and AWAY better then this system. It is like comparing the NFL to pee wee football

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