Swann FreeStyle 1080p Action Cam

I want to know if they SOLD OUT of them how can they be selling them now?
Or are WOOT OFFS just a way to get us to think we need to buy NOW or never?

update to the comments on the flat lens advantage while diving, GoPro just came out with a flat lens Dive houseing

been wanting a gopro for some time now. grabbed one of these to see how it is. 2.5 hours of battery life doesn’t seem to be enough for what i plan on using it for but we shall see

I bought 3 last time they were for sale. For the price they’re amazing cameras. I really love the video they take at 720. It’s 60fps @ 173* fov. I’m going to buy 3 more.

Is it just me, or does the buyer distribution closely match this map? Inversely to US obesity and in line with adults meeting their daily exercise requirements…


Just to clarify, these are no where near the same quality as a GoPro 2, with that said, they are fantastic considering they are half the price. If you want to get some extreme video on the cheap, these are a great option.

Also, GoPro’s are waterproof down to 180ft, these are only to 65 ft. (which isnt a big deal to 99% of everyone)

But as a paid “professional” photographer/videographer, you can definitely tell the lower quality in the video. Its like comparing video from an SLR @1080 to a cheap point and shoot at 1080, sure the resolution is there, but it isn’t nearly as good of quality.

And quality, is all i care about. But if you care about price, these are just fine for something to throw around and not worry if you break them.

Does anyone know where I could get a motorcycle handlebar mount that would fit this thing?

I got one of these a few weeks ago when w00t had them. All I can say is I am extremely pleased and would be in for another if I had the spare cash right now. Here’s a video I took myself with mine. Remember to crank up to resolution if you wanna see what it can do.



flat bikes? not a lot of flat surfaces on bikes…

Paid, full-time television professional here, and I fooled the best with this cam.

In low light is where it struggles. But, if the light’s right, (majority of stuff I’m doing is either outdoors in great weather, or indoor events) then it looks right.

Ultimately, it’s about getting the shot, and these do a nice job of that.

Plus, you start adding the mounts and the cam, and it turns into nearly 1/4 of the price of a comparable GoPro Hero2 setup ($300 cam kit, $80 lcd back, $8 tripod mount, close enough).

I noticed in all the videos I’ve seen from this camera that if there is alot of up/down motion (like if the camera is on a handle bar of a mountain bike or motorcycle), the image will roll. Even the video of the guy playing paint ball (post a few msg above this one) shows it.

The GoPro HD (original one) does not do this.

But for the money, the Swann is heck of a deal.

Can someone confirm 720 @ 60 fps? Some people are saying its only 30 fps…

“Record professional high definition action videos at 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), 30fps with 3x digital zoom & stereo audio”

There is a handy specs section if you scroll down on the main page

I’m thinking of using this for timelapse recording a 12-hour road trip, but the 2.5 hrs of battery life is a deal-killer unless it can be externally powered.

The manual says it can be charged via USB. Do any of you owners know if it can also record while charging? And would the charging keep ahead of the discharge over 12 hours? According to the manual it takes 3.5-4 hours to charge the battery but only 2.5 to drain it.

Just use the one for the GoPro. It works great, picked one up at Best Buy last week for it.

This review from Amazon should help.

Thanks, and that is disappointing. I found confirmation in the manual too – at the end of the section about charging it says:

“Note: When charging, all controls are disabled.”

We could have gotten more, you know. This is a popular item.

I got two of these the last time they were up. I love it. I love the detactable LCD screen and remote. They work with all the GoPro attachments. I just wish the batteries were cloned.

Anyone know if it will work with the Suction cup mount for the GoPro?

And also can you use it with a tripod? (Screw In)