Swann FreeStyle 1080p Action Cam

It’s Only preorder right now.

Yes will work with all gopro accesseries. I use it with a tripod.

One way I’m thinking of getting around this is to make a false battery that I can plug into external battery pack. Won’t fit inside case though.

Anyone know where to get a spare battery?

Or a spare waterproof case?

I’ve really wanted an action cam like this for a long time, but I decided to use the Kodak Zi8 that I already had, attach it to my handlebars with a $3 custom PVC mount I made, and then process the video through VirtualDub with the deshaker filter. Wire the power adapter into a 12V socket, and I’ve got continuous recording!

Works amazingly well.

Previous Woot

I bought one then and it works great. Only complaint I would have is that it’s a bit grainy when using house lighting. Outdoors is wonderful.

Yes and Yes. If I remember right, it comes with a tripod mount that you can use, sans waterproof case. Otherwise, grab the $8 GoPro tripod mount.

I used the Zi8 and Zx3’s before I got these for ‘crash’ cams. Awesome stuff.

Talked toWOOT.com They say these are NEW one in a bunch will be defective. I got one tht makes a Projector sound Live chat with Swann, DEFECTIVE. Submitted a request. had to resubmit info again, RMA sent within hours. Send back CAMERA ONLY, at your expense.they say thank you for your coperation , 4 days they recieved pkg from my confirmation with usps since it’s a Holiday weekend and other coast 5 day return delayed. about 5 days has passed. and due date is like said on Holiday time. I wished I could comment on quality of company?

Quality of cam. to recieve DEFECTIVE from WOOT. tells me 50/50. Woot listened, Swann taken Action. only because Seller was knoweledgable Lol?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz-Ljpfkmsk review

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5OjKw2hILA sample

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jryd0qQZ6bU various light samples

My review was cut short , wanted to send back my cam before deadline of 30 days for a new one. hoping no refurbished is shipped.

If you are looking for a cam to Beat the heck out of and not care about anything go for a keycam808 #16, you want a gopro but cannot afford one this is the next best thing with the bells and whisstles WIDE angle not Fisheye

but you want to spend a 1000.00 GOpro hd hero2

turn your back, a lot of dough lost if you ask me.

the price is right I grab one for the quality of Video.

It’s cheaper than Hero HD but is it as good as Hero HD or even better?

not to be a woot pooper, but, fry’s, has same on sale and after rebates (one instant/ the other mail-in) ends up being $10 cheaper & free shipping. did notice though the $25 mail-in rebate form hasn’t yet been added to their site but is mentioned in this weeks ad.

camera is bottom of page

but if you’re not into mail-ins…

Tripod yes, probably a yes on the gopro suction mount. I don’t own that mount, but the ones included with the camera seem to be identical to pictures I have seen of the gopro mounts.

I just tested it and it does record when connected to the AC adaptor. Have not done a long term test to see how long it will continue to record this way, but it seems like it should work.

Far too logical an answer,there must be a dark side somewhere.

It’s year 2012 and this only does 720p @ 30fps. If you’re going to record action then this thing is JUNK.

My comment from April 27th @ 8:00+pm EST

" I just called Swann (their CS is awesome) and even though it is after hours they answered.

I own lots of Swann Cameras and I am pretty loyal to them. Anyone that has knocked them on this forum has NEVER called them. I say that with confidence.

They have, stock and ship the batteries for this for $39.99, plus $5 shipping. They just call it the “Free Style HD Pro Extra battery”. I asked if they had a specific part number and the answer was no.

How do you get one? They send you a credit card form to fill out or can take the order over the phone during normal business hours.

Battery typically lasts 3+ hours new.

Edit: Batteries are quickly swappable too"

Anybody done any underwater pics or vids? or know how it compares to the GoPro Hero2 in that arena?

You just beat me to it!

When hooked up to a computer via USB it will NOT record video and will go into USB read mode. But when hooked up to a USB charging source (cell phone charger, AC charger, etc.) it will record while hooked up. Can’t confirm whether the battery will charge or not though while hooked up and recording.

Thanks so much for the calendar update and your productive insight on today’s item.

…But wait…The specs on Woot show 720p. 60 fps…BUT the user manual shows 720p @ 30 fps… Will it do 60 Fps???
this is a deal breaker!