Swann FreeStyle 1080p Action Cam

These look like a blast, and the video quality looks pretty impressive… I wonder if I could handle wearing one of these running a full marathon? Would make for some good video!

Been considering getting a go pro for when the ski season opens this winter. Would anyone be able to weigh in on if this is as good, if not better, than a go pro?

I bought one of these on a Woot-Off in May. I love it. I bought a few GoPro accessories (Suction cup mount, and Chesty) and they work great. The camera takes really good pictures and video, has a great time-lapse setting, and comes with a waterproof case and LCD screen. Whether this is your first Sports Camera, or you’re looking to add to your GoPro lineup, this is well worth the money.

Hey! Haven’t seen you around in a while. I’ll have to pay attention to the forums more during the next wootoff!

Anyways My friend said next time a GoPro goes on sale on woot BUY IT, I’ll have to show him this and see if he wants it. Anyone else wanna tell me if you think this is as good as a gopro?

Here is some time lapse shot with this camera!

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Also, The woot video wasn’t quite actiony enough for me so I dug up this video too

Also if you like your videos a little more quiet and boring, here is a great Video Review

Although he does end the video with some good motorcycle shots.

It’s almost as good, not better. But it’s a WAY better value if you’re looking for a quality camera that takes great shots that will help you remember your wicked rides. For an entry price of $139 this is a no-brainer.

Here is a comparison video.
I think its well worth the money.

I have been looking for a camera for documenting motrocycle rides… anyone know if the mount can handle high wind speeds?

Got one of these last time around. Good for the price except power adapter is for charging only–you can’t shoot while plugged in, and the non-standard battery costs $40 to replace.

I’ve been lurking in the background. I just got back from overseas for work only to, here comes the irony, have shoulder surgery from a boarding accident I picked up while I was on holiday at Matterhorn in Switzerland. I’ll be around more now that I have time on my hands, or shoulder I say shoulder!

I currently use a gopro hero 960 to capture in car racecar footage at up to 150mph. I also have the old gopro standard def and it is terrible by comparison. It rarely films for a whole session, not because of battery life but due to any number of malfunctions. Will this swann camera be able to hold up under these conditions or is it better to spend the extra bucks on the newest gopro which i know works for my application.

I got one of these on woot a little while back and I LOVE IT. The amount of stuff you get VS the same setup with a gopro is about $400.

Here is a link to a video I took with the Swann freestyle while paintballing:


The only complaint people have is with the audio. The audio actually is not bad when it’s not in it’s water proof case, but I think most people(like me) us it in the case almost reguardless of whether water is involved to add protection for the camera. All in all the audio isn’t terrible either, just muffled in the water proof case.

In reality, how often do you want audio when you are using an action cam? I think 90% of video taken with an action cam will have music or something put over it later anyway.

If only you had this camera you could have had viral video gold!

Also to answer your question, I don’t know how it goes vs the GoPro but a lot of those videos i linked to were taked Via Helmet Cam. Seems like if you were to wear a helmet you’d be able to take some great videos Skiing.

Anybody know how well these do in high heat environments?

Sorry, reading estate paperwork, so this is all I can do now. Maybe I can do more later: the woots have lots of comments, though
Previous woot in April:


Previous woot in May:


Both were $139.99 then, too.

Product page:

with videos, brouchure, and manual:
Here’s the manual, for example

Finally, the Woot actual field test:

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I just checked out The Manualand for the case it says:
Operating Temperature Range: ~4F-122F/-20C~50C When Inside Waterproof Case

and Storage Temperature: 4F~140F(-20C~60C~)

Shoot, I would have beat you to the manual WhatsamattaU if only Copy And Paste would have worked on the manual :tongue: Thanks for coming by, it’s always nice to have a reminder to what a true quality post looks like.

This should be useful for everyone trying to make a decision…

Action Cam Comparison

I picked one of these up despite the complaints about bad audio, and I have to say, I have NO idea what they’re talking about. It is NOT on par with a go-pro, but for the price and the amount of use I give it, I am MORE than satisfied.

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I purchased one of these in May, I must say its pretty darn cool and would definately recommend it