Swann FreeStyle 1080p Action Cam

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Swann FreeStyle 1080p Action Cam
$119.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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$5 less than last woot off!

Its been featured several times before in non woot off’s as well. It was $139 in this previous woot.

This woot! community product thread has the most posts, I think it was the first time it was offered.

For the price, you can’t beat it.

THANK YOU for all you do and for being a great community contributor!

In case anyone is wondering:

Actual product page

(the manual is there, as well)

Does anyone know the size of the CMOS sensor (not the resolution)? That’d be my only real question about it.

I bought one a while back from Woot.

It works well. The lens is very wide angle, so anything more than 25 feet or so from you is going to be a tiny speck in the final video - we tried video’ing waterskiing from 75’ - you could tell that there was probably a skier back there, but that was about it.

The only major disappointment is that the LCD doesn’t fit on the camera when it’s in the waterproof case - you have to take the LCD off. If they had made the plastic case 0.5" deeper so the LCD fit inside, they would have had a winner.

If you can live with this, I certainly recommend this camera.

Sorry, life’s gotten worse, no sleep, still feel bad for my screwup on this product last November. I’m going to be real brief:

woot field test:

My main reason to post was to congratulate TheGuruGuys tonight. Merry Christmas everyone and keep up the good work, TT.

The only way to learn is to make mistakes. I’ve been corrected by woot! community members time and time again. I’ve had posts moderated and deleted! Nobody is perfect and as long as you humbly accept the correction and learn from it then let it go and move on. I can guarantee that others also learned from our mistakes as they likely thought the same or had the same misinformation, they just didn’t post it.

Pfffft, no worries. I hope you check in when you can and take care of yourself.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Found this :

Sensor Type: CMOS 2592 x 1944

see a video with the Swann FreeStyle compared to the GoPro Hero and GoPro Hero2 over more or less the same course http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/gear-blog/gopro-hero2-v-swann-freeestyle---video/9603.html . Use 3 windows and starting each of the 3 sections at the same time shows the differences clearly. Swann isn’t the best but none of those match the price! btw - FOR USE IN THE WATER, ADD A FLOATING CAMERA STRAP!

I finally ordered one of these, I almost pulled the trigger on previous woot’s but at this price, even with TAX (TAXSUCKS coupon HELPS) I think its a deal. Late Christmas present for myself!

Amazon comments add up to being positive about the camera;s +pictures and accessories (except that you lose view screen with water resistant cover). V. wide angle, but many negative remarks (even among the positives) about 1) -sound and 2)-service, which are described as noisy and silent - respectively. Price here is terrific. So I got one.

Bargain compared to the alternative. I bought one on the last go 'round. Modified the water proof case to accept video out put. The price of the replacement case (thought I might want to use it underwater) is almost as much as buying this woot offering. Buy two, if you want to mod the water proof case. Serious.

I already have a go pro hero2 but I think I am going to pick this up so I can see how epic I look while recording myself doing epic things. In addition, if I were to buy all of the accessories that are included with this for my gopro it would cost hundreds of extra dollars. The LCD and WiFi extras will be great!

Can any one who owns one tell me if they have been able to use the 64gb microSD cards with these?

The manual and specs say a max of 32GB.

Bought one in a previous Woot. Video is great, audio so-so as indicated in other reviews. Still excellent for the price, especially with the screen and remote.

The second half of this video, the in-car footage, is the Swann.

Resolution is available - but, not the actual size of the CMOS sensor.