Swann Home Wireless Alarm System

Here is the product page with more info, a few reviews, some downloads, and other stuff

Is there an option or available accessory to send an alert by email or text when the alarm is triggered? Unless the siren itself scares away the intruder, there is nobody within earshot that would notice in my rural location.

I can’t help but think Ms Swan is now into security devices. Ms Swan at Customs - YouTube

Does it call out to the police or anything if it goes off? What good is it if it doesn’t call out to the cops? I mean it’s good & loud but can be smashed easily & then you’re screwed.

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As a motion-detection system, is there any way to adjust the sensitivity for house pets?

hmmm… if it doesnt alert u or the police when theres a break in, is it worth anything?

It gives law abiding citizens an audible warning to wake up at night or become alert during the day that it’s time to exercise the 2nd amendment and the right to defend one’s self. Yes, it does have a point.

The manual: http://www.swann.com/webfiles/download/1421SW347-WA2_WirelessAlarmKit2_MWA082010E.pdf

Appears to be as useful as the random car alarm we hear from time to time and ignore.

Just a word for those whose circumstances might make this system worthwhile. As an example, I give you retired ‘snow birds’ who go North for four months, leaving the nest empty except for some stuff. They live in a very snoopy community, and that alarm is where it can be heard, since walls are thin or four feet away.

Also, it is true that burglars tend to avoid complications, if they don’t appear with George Clooney in movies.

Just 'cause I can’t use it doesn’t meet the case. Anybody got and can report?

If I broke into a house with this alarm, the first thing I would do is unplug the siren from the control panel… way too easy

Stop looking at me swann

You sir, are a bad ass.

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The 8 windows stickers kills the deal.

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The Castle Doctrine varies from state to state, so YMMV.

This uses 433 MHz to communicate, a rather crowed frequency. In some places the stickers may be more realible than the alarm itself.

I don’t really need an alarm system to contact the police. When I’m not home if I get robbed I’m protected by insurance. When I’m at home I just need to be notified by my alarm system and can protect myself and my family in a more rapid manner than the police can provide.
On top of that though my neighbor is not real close they are close enough to hear an alarm and they too can and do provide more rapid support than the police can.

unless there was something a thief really wanted, they would probably not bother to stick around once the siren went off. I suppose if it all was sitting there in plain view when the siren went off they might try to dismantle it, but I don’t think the average burglar is going to mess around with it. Having said that, I feel the same way about my dogs, but I guess you never know.