Swann Home Wireless Alarm System

Sensors not included sets off an alarm bell for me. Anyone know how much more it costs to make this functional?

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I’d check into what my coverage is. My house was broken in to and they stole my lawn equipment, an LCD TV, broke another LCD TV, shattered my french doors - and more…I have a pretty shabby house, but the insurance deductible is the cost to REBUILD the entire house - not the value of the house. While I replaced a lot of stuff with inferior stuff (couldn’t afford to replace with the Sony brand I’d had before), it didn’t meet the deductible, and they wanted to FIX my door, not replace it. Nationwides commercial depicting that they don’t do things “half way” is a lie. Home Owners Insurance for buglaries is a joke. Your deductible is typically 1% of what it cost to rebuild your house. I bought the Zmodo cameras, which work great and you can view them online and since they are ALL outside, I don’t care if someone else can hack in and see what’s going on. As previously mentioned, this would be a nice alarm for if your home is occupied to alert people inside that there is an intruder and take necessary precautions. Besides that, $50 is pretty cheap.

In case you own a basketball court or aircraft hangar, Swann judges you.

From the manual
“As the performance of the sensor is determined primarily by environmental conditions, no guarantees can be offered regarding the detection range. However, the range is typically sufficient for the majority of interior spaces (excluding the obviously absurd, such as basketball courts or aircraft hangars).”

The average police response time from a home alarm trigger to arrival is 20-30 minutes. First the alarm company gets the trigger. Then they call the home owner. If no response, they notify police, who place alarm calls at low priority. Having an alarm system for the purpose of calling the police is a complete waste.

The deterrence factor is what counts. Unless you are mega rich and someone is planning an Oceans 11 type heist, the average burglar will run as soon as they hear an alarm go off. In fact, many will skip a house at the mere sight of a legitimate alarm lawn sign or window sticker.

Having a solid system that detects intrusion and/or motion and reacts with a loud alarm that cannot be easily located and disabled within seconds is probably the most practical and affordable system for the average home owner looking to protect his home for a typical thug.

Having said that, there are systems on eBay for around this same price that come with many more window sensors and motion sensors, so make sure you shop around. Some, for under $100 will even call a number, so you get a phone call if your alarm is triggered.

If this device is reliable, (is it better than that cheap X10 brand crap?) then it provides a personal protection warning alert. For you to take whatever action.

While amateur thieves might be scared off by it, professionals know the response time for police, have muliple escape routes planned, and will be long gone with the most valuable stuff.

I wonder if the compactness of this system would make it good for vacation rentals?

So, if your own car alarm wakes you in the middle of the night you just ignore it? Wow, and I thought I was lazy!

iguana71 wrote:

@darthsloth, +1


If the alarm is a block away, I ignore it. If it’s next door to me, I get up. Turning on lights can help scare off thiefs.

hmmm, should I protect myself or not against this intruder…does my state have a castle doctrine, hmmm…

Let me consider this while I am being stabbed to death…

If that’s the type of system you want, check out SafeMart.com.

No entry delay makes this useless for me. See first review here http://www.swann.com/s/products/view/?product=1089.

Just remember, when seconds count the police are minutes away.

I am thinking about getting it as a pool alarm for the doors that go to the pool…

Love it! :slight_smile:

Windows 8 stickers would probably keep thieves away as well.


Wanna be secure? Scratch the security system and buy a German Shepherd. Nothing to plug-in, protects the enire property and acts as a bed-warmer.

I used to sell alarm systems. A good loud piercing siren is the best remedy in my opinion. The bad guys don’t know that the police aren’t being called. Also, the window stickers do wonders, as long as they don’t fade.

I would like to see intrusion sensors on all windows and doors. Forget the motion detectors. I’d also like to see battery back-up on the main unit and siren.

Quick question… Does this alarm system make a “beeping” sound when someone opens a door while it’s unarmed, like a real home alarm system?