Swann Home Wireless Alarm System

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**Item: **Swann Home Wireless Alarm System
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5/3/2013 - $49.99 - 41 comment(s)

Large antenna, looks legit.

additional info and great reviews straight from swann.com

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I’m in for one.

I love this description line…

“By positioning the 8 Window Stickers in visible locations around your property you send a strong message to potential burglars & greatly decrease the chances of being broken into”

Actually by advertizing you have a security system draws attention to your house and screams you own valuable stuff. Please find a way to break in and take it! Let the crook figure out the hard way you have an alarm instead. :slight_smile:

Note sure about this. NBC’s Dateline (or was it 20/20) did a show where an expert and former theif were interviewed. Both said that the signs/lebels are effective. The former theif said that if the labels look legit, he wouldn’t risk breaking in since there are usually other homes in the same area. Why take chances unless there was something really compelling in that house?

A major complaint is that additonal sensors are hard to come by. Apparently, they’re located in Australia. Some users have found a US supplier though. Read this thread on Amazon.

I almost pulled the trigger but found this way too basic for my needs. At the very least, I wish it had a dialer to inform me of a break in. I would also like smoke detection. Lots of remote sirens would also be nice so that it can blast the alarm out every window.

Am I correct in thinking that all it takes for the burglar to disable this system is to pull the power out of the keypad panel? Or unplug the siren out of the panel?

And since the panel must be easily accessible (by you to disarm it)…isn’t this a bit like a toy? Not that I expect it to be much more at $50, but I am not seeing how it secures the home at all. The stickers may prove to be a bigger deterrent.

Great informative Amazon review.

The biggest flaw to this system – and it’s a big one – is how easy it is to defeat. Simply unplug it from the wall outlet, or unplug the siren from the console. Apparently, it’s as simple to unplug as headphones. Since the manual recommends that you mount the console near the door, a burglar can silence it in under 30 secs. Simply follow the sound of the siren, which is generally near the door. Swann could have easily remedied this by having multiple WIRELESS sirens. That would confuse the burglar and allows you to hide the console in a closert. As is, the system is simply too easy to defeat to take seriously.

I would think alot of it would be shock factor. You run into a house and then a loud alarm goes off. For 50$ might be worth getting lucky just once.

This is from the “I don’t have to run faster than the bear, just faster than you” department.

I wanted to buy this but the lack of an entry delay means that I would need to carry another remote on my keychain and actually remember to use it. My (now defunct) alarm system would give a nice gentle EEEEE noise to remind you that it would go off soon if you didn’t deactivate it.

And it won’t dial my cell if it goes off. And will the cats set off the motion detectors? They say large objects but one cat is pretty large.

It has a 30 sec entry delay

If this thing connected over WiFi, then I’d be tempted. I just want a quick email or Iphone alert if something happens.

I recently purchased one of these. I have only tried it with a couple of test runs while I was home.
FYI… The directions state that it has no entry delay. I located the system in a hidden area of the kitchen which is beside the garage. I am able to disarm the system from the garage, before I open the kitchen door, by using the remote.

STOP LOOKING AT ME SWANN! *billy madison

I disagree largely. This thing doesnt call 911 or even your cell phone- however the real value is that when your asleep at night, you know that an intruder (or your son or daughter sneaking away) will set it off, waking you up and giving you preparatory time to react.

If you are not home the “benefit” drops drastically, and it will be similar to a car alarm. If you live in an apartment or with close neighbors, it might draw just enough attention to your house for someone to get information which is useful, such as “There was a white car in the driveway”, but whether it can be shut off in 20 seconds or its on for 20 minutes, it will still make a sound alerting the homeowner or potentially a neighbor.

Lastly, even a high end system can easily be defeated by cutting the wire to the alarm or something. Burglars are quick in and quick out- They don’t intend to spend 1 minute looking for how to disarm your alarm system. That’s one extra minute to get caught.

Now if you have 1.2 million dollars in gold in a safe in your basement, this isn’t the alarm for you- but if your looking for warning for your kids (I know a lot of people get alarms for this reason). want to make sure no one can sneak in on you in your sleep, or want the benefits of a car alarm (potentially grabbing a tiny bit of attention), something like this works perfectly.

I have something similar, and it does everything I could want. I spent 15 years of my life with a high end 911-linked system, and I thought it was more hassle than it was worth. The one time we had a legit call on the alarm, it takes 8 minutes for the alarm to be fully triggered, for the company to call your house to confirm you didn’t just forget your code, and 12 minutes for the police to arrive on a good day- No burglars going to hang around for 20 minutes anyway.

I’m not belittling alarms, but to say this has no purpose or is easy to defeat is silly to an extent. It is what it is, and it appears to do what it is supposed to do effectively… plus its cheaper than a dog!