Swann Security System



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Swann Security System
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I think that has different cameras than ours. Ours are ADS-180.


Pretty average reviews (2.7 out of 5.0) over at tigerdirect



I wonder how this compares to Nightowl.


What stops thieves from stealing this once they break into your home? I still think the security systems that upload video to the cloud are the best bet.


Does anyone know if u are able to add more camera’s to this? All other systems say you can add 2 camera’s per channel.

I need at least 6 cameras


IMHO the best security camera system is the one that shoots tranquilizer darts at the intruders and then calls the police while uploading video footage of the break in to them. I would be able sleep comfortably in that house. Especially with this tranquilizer dart in my neck.


The bad guys just turn these things away from where they are “working” or they just knock them off the wall with a bat. If you do get pictures of the bad guys, the police will look at them but they won’t use the video, they won’t even look for the criminals. They are just there to fill out the report so you can start your insurance claim.


I’ve had this system for more than a year now. The camera’s don’t work as well in the dark as I had thought they would. The worse part about this unit is the dvr locks up periodically. This forces a format of the harddrive. The h.264 format of the saved video is a pain too.


But having something that can be used to identify a burglar is better than not. Certainly being able to send the news a video of a burglar or spread through social media has a greater chance of getting a burglar recognized than nothing. I’m not saying it will necessarily stop people or the police will use it to find the person, but it can let you know when something is/has happened and help attach one more charge to a suspect.


Does anyone know if you can hook a wireless camera up to this system? My church is looking to add in a camera system, but running that kind of cable through several brick walls would be a pain.


Ive never heard of the ‘2 cameras per channel’ thing. I dont believe thats true. Feel free to correct me. I have the zmodo 4 channel one, (looks the same from the back) and with 4 inputs, i can only have 4 cameras.


After an almost-break-in of my house, I bought a similar set-up and have nothing but positive comments! Setting it up for remote viewing on i-phone and i-pad was NOT easy to set up, but thanks to YouTube videos, I finally got that working. I LOVE being able to glance in on the house. WELL WORTH THE COST!


I am buying a new home and already prewiring with Cat5. I been looking at few camera systems and trying to find a good fit to use the prewiring. I know I have to do some tweaking since the connections might be straight forward. Does this system allows to hook up with Cat5? Any thoughts on hooking up Cat5 with camera’s?


In the specs it says 4 input and 2 output. If you look at the picture of the back, it shows 6 connectors. So, I am pretty certain it only supports 4 cameras. Most units support either 4, 8 or 16.

I have a Swann system for our small business. I just got it a few months ago to replace a Lorex that went out. The Swann is much better in most areas. I really like their internet viewing app. I can easily watch video from my phone or tablet. Setup of the internet viewing is a bit tricky though. This system is a little on the low end, especially the cameras’ resolution. But, in our system, each camera was over $100, so you get what you pay for. This is probably ok for home use or somewhere with good lighting and where you don’t need to see a long distance. You could always replace the cameras with better ones if they didn’t work well for your environment.


Your comment about the police is not true for all cities. I know several cities that actually have programs where you can register your security system and they utilize this “network” of cameras to not only help if your house is burglarized, but if something else happens in the neighborhood. My house was broken into and the first thing the police asked me is if I had any security cameras. They utilized nearby cameras and the crooks were arrested the NEXT DAY! I bought the ZMODO set with the 2 dome cameras and I am very pleased with the whole package. 65ft of cable was perfect the perfect length and setup was a breeze. I have not gotten it connected to my network yet, as mentioned in other posts, it isn’t exactly an easy process if you don’t know what you’re doing…which I also count on YouTube videos to help me through the installation of the hard drive and formatting.


What is the operating system? The features say “intuitive operating system” but I do not see what that is. I assume it is not Windows.


I think it’s only 4 inputs.

From the Specs section:
4 Composite BNC Inputs
2 Composite BNC Outputs