Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace

I’m hoping this comes closer to the front end, since Mother’s Day is May 13th.

Important missing information!
What is the size of the heart?

Signed in with Amazon. It says I get free shipping with my Prime account, but when I try to check out it is trying to charge me $5 for shipping. Tried twice with same results…

Make sure you sign in using Login with Amazon. Pay with Amazon isn’t the same thing.

Log out of woot.
Log back in using Login with Amazon.

the heart is 20mm x 20mm

Is the back of the heart flat or puffed as in the front?

I’ve tried multiple things. Logging out, signing back in thru Amazon. Closed my browser, open it and try again, click sign in with Amazon but it still wants to charge me shipping. There is only one shipping choice, standard shipping with Amazon Prime and it’s checked, but at the confirmation page it is still charging $5 shipping. At this point, I think I’m just going to write this item off. I don’t want to spend anymore time on this. FYI, I’ve bought other things on Woot using my Amazon account and it always gave me free shipping, it’s just this listing.

That is weird. I checked a couple other orders and they’re getting free shipping with Prime.

Is there anything else in your cart?
Clear out temps/cache?

I’m sorry for the problems.

The size of this heart is @ 3/4 ". Perfect!

It is weird. …must have been an issue with Firefox. After re-trying and still being charged for shipping, I opened IE but in IE the “Sign in with Prime” button was unresponsive. Opened Chrome and signed in thru Amazon. This time it gave me the free Prime Shipping.

I just got the one I ordered (with plenty of time before Mother’s day!)

The back of the heart is puffed out with crystals just like the front. It looks great!