Swarovski Elements

Do the pendants come with the necklace band?

Are these actually Swarovski? Price seems to good to be true :slight_smile:

features say MADE IN CHINA…

means not real Swarovski?

They do! The vendor says:
“They all come with an 18 inch sterling silver italian cable chain”

They are definitely real Swarovski elements in the jewelry.

Does this mean just the crystal elements are Swarovski and the rest isn’t?

Do they come in Swarovski box?


The vendor is authorized by Swarovski to make crystal with Swarovski Elements in their factories. These full pieces are not made BY Swarovski.


SO woot didn’t clearfy it’s not made by Swarovski and it’s really poor quality and description says it’s made in China, but it;s made in Thailand on the tag. this is a trick. i will report it to US govern agency about this issure

why did’t you tell the truth on the description and mislead everybody it’s by Swarovski

not box no tag even no logo on the item and is extremely low quality item you may consider it’s a 99 cent item when you receive it

it’s not made in China as description, it;s made in Thailand

Bought the gold earrings. The pin pulled out of the earring first thing. Not happy at all. I think I should be able return these. they are either defective, but I suspect just awful quality period.

I’m sorry about that, if you haven’t already use the support tab above to reach our CS department, they should be able to help.

Has anyone else still not received an item from this sale? I placed an order for the heart pendant on 9/4 and still have not received the item. The tracking number provided just shows “Initiated” and no update of “Picked Up” since 9/5.

I’m sorry, that definitely should have been shipped by now. If you haven’t already, use the support tab towards the top of the page to contact our CS department, they should be able to figure out what’s up.