Swash 1000 Bidet Toilet Seat - Your Choice

4.7 Stars over at Costco

This is truly the Cadillac of bidets. This is what my neo-180 wants to be when he grows up!

Using a bidet (even a cheap one) makes you feel smug and superior, and it’s so much cheaper than a Prius! You may not be saving the world from smog, but your bideted butt will be the epitome of timeless and clean water energy.

Feature comparison table. :slight_smile:

likely the best woot I’ve ever wooted.

High end A$$ washer …This time…

Yasssssssss! I’ve been waiting for a sale on one with a round seat!

In Tools & Garden ???

You would think it would be under home…I noticed that too.

10.5 hours, not bad.

Maybe this is a bidet for cats…

How does this get power? Do you need a plug at the base of your toilet? Is it battery powered??

According to the owner’s manual on this:

“This product is equipped with a grounded cord and is for use on a nominal 120V circuit only (min 15 amps) and must be plugged into an outlet that is properly ground with a GFI breaker.”

That is inconvenient, standard code doesn’t include an outlet behind the toilet

no but you can have one added for short money.
I had two plugs installed (two baths) for $100 per as I recall…

Well, I’m in for one! Lets hope I’m not flushing money down the toilet!

You will look back at this as the day your whole life changed.

After my husband’s back surgery, I bought a round BioBidet DIB for our master bath. Unfortunately, he found that the round bidet seat did not leave enough room for him to sit and place the contents of “the package” into the the toilet area. He was not happy with the thought of leaving the family jewels resting on top of the throne. :frowning:
We ended up getting the elongated seat (easily replacing the round seat) for the DIB and buying a new toilet for the master bath. Which, btw, is the best toilet ever…except that we bought a “chair height” and it’s just a bit too tall for me.
Just a word of warning.

OK this is a GREAT idea and my guests love it. (The heated seat got the most comments, and its summer). Only criticism water temp and pressure. Some will want more of a jet blast than the Swash offers and the water, while heated, varies during use. Not a deal breaker,'tho, I am VERY happy with my purchase! PS: install was easy if you have basic hand tools.