Swash 1000 Bidet Toilet Seat - Your Choice

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Swash 1000 Bidet Toilet Seat - Your Choice
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Mar 07 to Wednesday, Mar 08) + transit
Condition: New


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A cigarette is a small cigar, yes?

A Bidet is a small Bid?

I have one of these. The seat has broken 3 times. That is why they are heavily discounted

I have 2 of these. Never had any trouble with either one.

Time to hit the gym.

This squirts water on your rear,
no it won’t clean your ear.
So sit down on the pot
and turn it up to hot.
Electrocution? Have no fear.


Mine just broke for the first time after 34 months. Brondell sent me a prorated replacement that cost less than $40 delivered. Took me 10 minutes to replace.

If you’re curious enough to come to the comments, just buy one.

The most life-changing woot you will ever make.

Have had this exact one for a year in the master bath. Got a lot of raised eyebrows from the unfamiliar family members. No one else uses the bidet part, as far as I know. Because of a medical condition, keeping clean without having to take a shower after going is a great help. Plus I reduce TP in the septic system. No problems so far with unit. You just need an electrical outlet near the toilet. I had the outlet installed 4 years ago when we remodeled. It works well for me.

Cam here expecting to find justification for buying one of these instead of a $30 model (nominal) like this: Luxe Bidet Neo 250

I did not find the justification I expected. I am woeful.

skip it! I had this exact model(the model you show from amazon).
it is a good first step, if you wish, but save your money as you’ll just want to upgrade soon after.
Heated seat, drying fan, pulse, deodorize, plus the soft close seat and overall better appearance. (my wife hated the bolt-on bidet appearance, said it looked like something out of a hospital supply store).

Can I use this tool to help make compost for my garden?

Seems an odd place to list this…

YES! after noon EST, must be a record!

Sooner or later!!

But, can a big butt be washed by a small bid? It may take 2 hooked up in parallel. Would that be a bidallel or a paridet?

The model you linked requires a separate hot water line. Woot’s requires a hopefully GFI output by the toilet and will heat the water the seat by itself. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, running power might be easier than extending a hot water line as toilets don’t normally have either ran to them.

just chiming in here to say i’ve had one of these since the woot in july, and i love it. best woot i’ve ever wooted. the one from woot shipped with a bad valve; after i installed it the toilet was constantly unning water. i contacted the company and they shipped out a replacement unit for free!

also can’t believe we made it until noon with no comments re: category this time!

Often wondered how many ill informed users have been “shocked” by the initial spray of COLD water, until enough hot water has flowed down the pipe from the heater to make it warm. GFCI is a definite requirement, but how many DIYers skipped that step at their own hazard? Such a product should have a heap more detail in the information section, but, hey, that might limit sales. Sheesh!!!

Whatever you do, don’t drop the remote…