Swash Adv Bidet Toilet Seat, Round or Elongated

How did you all know my crapper’s in the flowerbed?

Excellent Reviews on the Elongated Model over at Home Depot

what happens when you go and you can’t find the controller? or the battery dies?

Sorry, I am not spraying water on my butt.

there are controls on the seat

so dragging your tissue wrapped fingers over your filthy anus is preferable?
If a bird shts on your arm do you wipe it off with tissue? If you step in dog sht do you wipe it off with kleenex?
glad you’re so committed still to wagon-train era toilet tech.

I bought this bidet on woot over a year ago…this device will change your life.
I’ll never live without a bidet again, long gone are the days of wiping my butt with tissue. Now there is little worse than having to go away from home, you feel absolutely filthy.

Guests come over, some snicker, some try it, some buy one. it matters not, I’m not going back. We’re the most tech crazy country in the planet, yet we still use 1860’s toilet technology.

very likely my favorite woot of all time.

As a hairy man, I like having a bidet. No longer am I drawing blood from trying to get perfectly clean. I bought a $30 one on the mothership, though, which installed easy and works great. I might enjoy having warm water, but it’s not necessary,

The toilet will still work, you just wont get your warm water jets until you replace it. Its not a TV, no one should take the remote from the bathroom.

Same. Well I think I got mine ALMOST 1 year ago. Its still going strong, the warm seat was great in the winter as was the warm water. If your booty is feeling extra sensitive you can lower the jet pressure and temperature.

I very rarely use the “dry” option and never used the deodorizer. I just like the warm seat and booty washer. Finish it off with a little TP and I always feel invigorated, ready to conquer the day!

I purchased 2 last time Woot sold them. Once you have used a bidet there is no going back to paper.

Hmmm, is this a tool or a garden implement?

Wagon Train Era tech? My great grand pappy came across the plains in the 1850s (true fact). They used sagebrush and horned toads all the way (Okay, maybe I made that up but I guarantee they had no TP).

For the record, bidets have been around since the 1700s, in one form or another.

Well, if you use the contents of the toilet to fertilize your garden then it’s both.

I love my Swash Bidet. It so beats TP. You just can’t go wrong with a rinse and an air dry.

Yes, no (paper towel) and I watch where I step. I am thrilled you are glad.

Love this Bidet. Have had it about a months and it has exceeded expectations. My husband and I are in our mid 70’s and this is something that helps when being “older” means it is harder to bend, twist and reach. This is our first bidet and getting the Brondell Swash 1000 has been worth every cent…