Swatch Paparazzi Watch

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Swatch Paparazzi Watch
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Swatch Paparazzi Watch SUHB100

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bond approves

watch with an ac adapter…odd

Cnet review

If it’s a Paparazzi watch, does it take pictures?

I’d love to see a pic of this thing with the headlines running across.

Can I get messages from K.I.T.T., my 1980’s Trans Am?

Sounds cool.

I’d get one if it didn’t look like it came out of a claw machine.

I was kicking around buying this last year… It SOUNDS cool, and I think it was $50 last time… Does it work in Chicago?

An ac adaptor for a watch?

Here’s a link to see if MSN Direct is available in your area:

info on the subscription plane here

‘excuse me do you have the time?’

‘why yes, but…um…do you have an outlet?’

I have to say, it sure doesn’t like very stylish.

Is the MSN service included or does one pay extra for it?

their service coverage area is worse than Sprint

Great to own for those quick jail visits. I still prefer the timex model.

Quick looking revealed extra service plans:
Seems like the cool stuff is subscription-based- * News
* Weather
* Sports Scores
* Movie Times
* Stock Quotes
* Traffic
* Daily Diversions
* Horoscopes
* Lottery
* Downloadable Watch Faces
ONLY with paid plans. Bummah.
Is this for this watch as well?