Swatches Of Activa Watches

Wow! Ugly, and with a name that reminds me of gastro-intestinal yogurt products. It’s the perfect gift for someone you really don’t like. At all.

I got one last run, mine came broken. I found out their headquarters are right next to me, when I asked for warranty repairs they asked for 20$ for shipping… So I just asked if I could drop it off instead, they said the 20$ is for them to ship it to China and back to be “fixed”. I payed a total of 14 bucks, uh no.

BEWARE of the digital displays - the blue and red displays cannot be read in daylight - useless outdoors. The white displays are a little better, but still hard to make out unless you are in a darkened room.

Watch is made of crummy feeling plastic, the LED in mine would work randomly, and it’s actually terrible when doing activities because you have to press a button to view the time. You get what you pay for.

These are pretty much children proof. Great for kids who are very abusive with their watches.