Sweat GUTR Headbands

Anybody have an opinion on these? Sounds like the hologram bracelets…

Amazon reviews lean towards the positive but still have a number of underwhelmed or downright unhappy purchasers.

For me, the biggest concerns are the reviews that say that the sweat eventually overflows, or comes pouring out if you’re not entirely upright. Sounds delightful.

I bought one a few years ago, it worked fairly well. However, if you’re cycling and your head is down and say you look up, you’re likely going to fill your ears with sweat. Yeah that was a weird thing. I’ve since moved on to Halo sweat bands and I’m much happier with their performance.

they don’t sell matching ones for the wrist?

Do they make a screen to keep leaves out? Cos I hate cleaning gutters.

It’s doesn’t claim give you any special powers. It’s just a gutter that channels sweat away from your the front of face so it can drip down the sides of your face. It’s basically supposed to do what your eyebrows are supposed to do - protect your eyes from sweat.