Sweatshirt Season Is Here

New + different (and 100% cotton and made in the US and less expensive) hoodies…hmmmmm

What is a “jersey” hoodie (or zip up)? Also, from anyone that’s bought one, how heavy are the plain (not lightweight) PO’s and zip ups?

the plain PO’s and zip ups are pretty hefty, a nice keep out the chill heft…

It’s finally back! I bought the Fall is Golden PO Hoodie… First time I had wooted first :slight_smile:

Lightweight zip hoodie, made in Pakistan, 60/40 … ITC ss150Jz, maybe?

At first, I thought the LS hoodie is AA, but at 4.2oz, that’s a lighter weight fabric. I’m leaning towards a Canvas 3512.

ETA: If the latter is indeed Canvas, are you assured that you’ll be getting USA-sourced blanks? Bella/Canvas sources from many countries; a 3001 or 6004, for example, could originate from India, Vietnam, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Guatamala, or USA … and maybe even a couple more I’m unaware of. May want to double check, as some of us do care where things are made in.

ETA #2: Tultex 0260, not ITC.

Jersey equates to a knit jersey fabric, similar to a tshirt. Okay for slightly cooler weather, but not cold weather.

The fleece hoodies are medium weight - not super thick and heavy, but a good for somewhat colder (say above 45-50 F) weather.

I’d love to get one of the lighterweight Nevermore hoodies, Woot, but the sizing chart isn’t clear enough for me to gauge which size. Are they the Canvas 3512 blanks? I’d be a size S in those, but I wear a size M in the pullover hoodies. (And I wear M in the unisex long-sleeve t-shirts.)

I’m confused as to which size I should get too…most of the t-shirts I get are large, but I’m inclined to get an XL since this hoodie will be going OVER my t-shirts. But then again, they may run big and the XL is too large. Urgh! Help!

I’m really starting to feel like there should just be a “choose your sweatshirt type” with these side sales.

It drives me nuts to see all these awesome prints, and then try to figure out if they are being printed on a type I would actually wear.

Hey guys,

The new Zip is from Tultex. It’s made of a jersey knit material. Has a nice t-shirty feel. It’s similar to our light-weight zips in terms of weight, but obviously less expensive.

The hooded long sleeve is very comparable to our standard long sleeves from AA, but with a hoodie. They are from Canvas, and to the best of our knowledge from the USA.

Both are really comfortable, especially in Fall Seattle weather.

Yeah sweatshirts!!! Now how about that Run Away! Run Away! Sweatshirt I keep asking for??? I am not getting any younger. Thank you for the Wolf Sweatshirt, how about more fox ones?
The Rabbit Lady

Tultex 0260. I’m kind of surprised they’re still sourcing from Pakistan; their 0202 blanks are sourced from Mexico nowadays because of past QC and supply issues from Pakistan.

Find out, please. It matters to some of us … and poke the dev guys to update the sizing chart with chest measurements - I posted a link to the manufacturer’s page already. :tongue:

(Thanks, Travis!)

So, when do we get that sweet Jabberwocky design on a zip-up? I mean c’mon, it’s already off-center.

Also, I missed the Zombie Pale Ale hoodie last time, hint hint. I think there’s some sort of spooky-themed holiday coming up soon…

I want every design with every format available. Zip, po’s, LW, tees, LS tees-all of it. I own more hoodies than I do tees and I hate seeing a design I really love stuck on a product type I wouldn’t wear.

Too bad the Nevermore hoodie doesn’t have a pocket. Sigh. It’s just a sweatshirt with a hood not a hoodie.

I typically buy Large tees as well. I go with the XL size for hoodies as I prefer a roomier sweatshirt. I bought the wolf design when it first went on sale as a hoodie and got an XL. There has been minimum shrinkage after two washes and it has a great fit :slight_smile:

Herein is the wrinkle - the aforementioned LS hoodie is a first time offering. It’s 100% cotton knit jersey versus the 50/50% cotton/poly fleece of the sweatshirt hoodies.

As these should use the same fabric as their 3001u shirts, my take is this: a little lighter than an AA shirt, about the same shrinkage of an AA shirt, longer in length than the specs say, and remains soft after many washes. The shoulder/sleeves is tapered lower than AA; I’m not sure if such applies to these hoodies, however.

Every time I see a design that says, “Zombie Bait,” I think to myself, “I would buy that, if it said, “Walker Bait,” instead.”

Just sayin’.

Was so excited to see they were back… until I saw the selection.