Sweatshirt Season Is Here

I agree the sizing isn’t clear here! But I bought one of these PO hoodies (the awesome Fall is Golden) and I would definitely say it runs a bit large. It’s a roomy cut (and arms are long for us ladies, as usual with a sweatshirt, but they stay cuffed well and have a great soft inner fabric).

I would order right at your usual Tshirt size.

Who wears a sweatshirt at 65 degrees?
You meant 45 degrees, right Woot?

Depends where you live - When I lived in Louisiana, 65 degree weather, including the 100+% humidity, felt colder than much lower temps here in Michigan where the humidity is much lower.

My first winter here, I couldn’t believe that the temps had dropped to 45 because it didn’t feel that bad.

STILL WAITING for Cloak of Visibility in a pullover hoodie. I haven’t wooted in a while because of financial issues, but I’d break my budget for that.

Anyone know if they are going to open up the shirts to pullover to order? I think that would make a killing now that the season is upon us. I know several designs that I myself would LOVE in pullover for this time of year!!! Come on WOOT hear thy people!

I’m so confused, Woot. @_@

How so? Too many products?

**Lightweight jersey (t-shirt) **
Jersey zip hoodie = Tultex 0260
Jersey LS hoodie = Canvas 3512

Crewneck sweatshirt = Gildan 18000
Pullover hoodie = Gildan 18500
Zip hoodie = Gildan 18600

What’s the difference between a long-sleeve (LS) hoodie and a pullover (PO) hoodie?

Does anyone know when these are supposed to ship?

I just got mine today…still waiting on another.