Sweet Baby Ray's Beef Jerky - 6 Pack

I will attempt to do a price compare. But I dare somebody to give me a reason to not pull the trigger on this.

Had this on my last trip to Florida. Had to buy so many more bags.

If you like Sweet Baby Ray’s, and you like beef jerky, there is absolutely no reason not to get this deal.

Sounds yummy. OK, in for one this time!

I recently purchased this in a store and thought the beef jerky was very low quality. I was very disappointed because I love Sweet Baby Ray’s. It could have been just the one bag but based on that experience I would not recommend it.

This shows up at Big Lots a few times a year for $2.50 (same size). You know, if you’re not in a hurry or anything.

Bridgeford is a good brand of packaged jerky, but this price isn’t anything special. gonna cost you with shipping 22$ for a pound. I’m a big fan of uncle mikes it comes in 3lb bags and puts these thin cuts to shame.

Price point isn’t too bad. Minor savings when compared to the price on Amazon, so I guess this will be my first woot!

I am a big fan of Big John’s Jerky, out of York, PA.
They have specials that should be looked at…


I don’t like how happy the cow is in their logo.

Love this stuff! Walmart sells it for $3.54 a bag though if you don’t want 6 bags at a time.

this jerky is really a quasi-deal. I see it at BJ’s for the same price and in smaller quantities… I think 2.

This however IS a deal if you’ve already blown your shipping on something else you wanted and use this jerky as the proverbial “cherry on top”.

There’s nothing special about this jerky and it tastes like any ol’ OTC jerky. Nothing bad, nothing good.

This is the exact reason I came into this topic. $22 a pound here. You can get John’s for as little as $15 a pound I guaren-damn-tee you’ll love it. I just ordered 10 lbs for christmas gifts this year.

From the ingredients… “pineapple juice power”

How much power? Can we use it for off grid sustainability? Is this why Larry Ellison bought that island?

At least it’s not refurbished.


Hi everyone. My company makes this product so if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.


I bought a bag of this previously at Walmart. I was pretty underwhelmed. There were a few really good, almost juicy pieces, but the rest were much drier. There was also a good amount more tougher materials (cartilage or tendon perhaps?) than other brands. Maybe I got a bad bag, but I think I’ll just stick with their amazing sauce.