Sweet Dreams Are Made of These…


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Grats Cheese! This was one of the nicer ones from the dream week.

Awesome choice! In for one~

Cupcakes! On trees!

I haven’t any black woot shirts, but I don’t think cupcakes on a 23 year old muscular guy is going to get me any new friends. The design is pretty cool though, its straightforward and clear. The colors really stand out as cupcakes would. Its not bad at all, just wouldn’t want to be seen in public with it on :wink:

do you people seriously wear shirts with cupcake plants on them? wow…

This graphic is WAAAAY bigger than I remember it.

I feel like I said that about Cheesy’s last Editor’s Choice, also. However, while I’m quite a fan of Hound’s Tooth now that I own it, I doubt i’ll ever want to rock this one. Still, good to see it printed, especially after all the babyish hoopla it caused when it was first in the derby (and seriously, anything that loses to What Dreams Are Made Of deserves to print on principle)

I am sadly disappointed this isn’t tgentry’s Prospector. Congrats on the print, but I weep for the prospector who didn’t find his gold or get his richly deserved print.

I pushed so hard for this when it first came out.

Thank you, Woot!

it looks like a birthday party gone horribly wrong

lucky me,

igot paid today, already bought 2 this week. i figured i was destined to be the proud new owner of a 3rd.

so im gonna invest in a 12 pack instead.

Congrats Cheese! This is another surprise print (imho)… Hope you were sitting down! This likely being the last day for editor’s picks, brace yourself for the “Oh how I wish they’d printed the ____” comments, but I know an awful lot of people wanted this back in the dream derby – and here it is! Happy days for cupcake addicts the world over.

well, I wish I had bought rocky raccoon on Monday. I thought there would be more stuff for me this week. Ah well, can’t win em all. It’s probably a good thing too. I can save money for other stuff. Probably a good thing.

Nice design as well, just not a shirt for me. Cupcakes would look a little weird on me.

Wow, NH is bright I wonder how long it will take for me to see one of these on someone here. I can’t think of any connections or specific reasons NH would like this shirt but who knows maybe a lot of people here have dreams of cupcakes growing in their backyard. I know that would beat the apple tree I currently have although health wise I don’t think I would last long.

Maybe my first woot sighting in NH will be of one of these.

Still need a black shirt, but this one isn’t gonna be it. Too many of these shirts lately have topics that are better fit for XXXL-exclusive prints.

Wow! Another win for CheeseSandwich. Congratulations! Weren’t you an Editor’s Pick last time too? (The single houndstooth pattern, no?) Impressive!

I think your fans from the dreams derby will be thrilled to see this one printed. I remember a lot of people wanting this design.

I like it a lot and would definitely wear it if it didn’t make me crave cupcakes. (I’m being totally serious. I’m diabetic.) I especially like the colors on the black. Congratulations!

Sorry, no interest. The colours don’t thrill me, and neither do cupcakes. (Although in this shirt’s favour, it does not make me nauseous the way real cupcakes do.)

Overall, pretty disappointed in the editor’s selections this week, but on the bright side, I’m saving money.

I’d prefer seeing this one on a more neutral color, possibly cream, or the ever popular baby blue, as much as I hate to say it. Cute idear, nevertheless.