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Been a loyal customer of Amazon since 1998, but will need to be convinced that Woot is an honest company that treats its customers fairly.

We purchased 3 of these shirts so that, on the 4th, the ladies in our family would have matching shirts to wear. One shirt was defective (photos showing defect emailed to Woot). We did not request a refund, yet Woot said it is refunding our money. But, because the intention was to have THREE ladies in matching shirts, we told Woot to keep the money and send a replacement shirt so all THREE ladies will be wearing matching shirts on the holiday.

Instead, we received the following reply from Woot, saying it is out of stock, which appears to be a lie because we are able to put the item in the size and fabric that is supposedly “out of stock” into our shopping cart and to proceed through checkout:

“I understand that you would like to have replacement for your incorrect shirt. Please understand that as an online retailer we depend upon our suppliers for availability of the item and unfortunately our suppliers do not have the item in stock at the moment. I hope you understand our limitations in this regard.”

Has lying to customers become a Woot customer service policy? Telling mistruths is not the proper and credible way to resolve such matters. Is Woot sincere about treating its customers fairly and honestly? Let’s see…

Jeez, I’m sorry. I’ll get your info passed along. You should get a replacement.

I’m also annoyed with Woot as a result of this shirt order. I ordered this as a present to present on July 4 and, given the 6-10 days standard delivery, assumed it would be in on time given that calculation. And indeed another part of my order - an item that was not time sensitive - has already arrived. I know Woot doesn’t guarantee that 6-10 days, but don’t offer up patriotic shirts via standard delivery option if you’re not sure they will arrive by July 4. Not asking for any action here as I’m not owed any; I just am venting. Along that same line, I hope my fellow Wooters are actively comparison shopping these days because Woot still has some good deals here and there, but for the most part, the “deals” can be easily beaten by ordering elsewhere, including - some times - from their parent company.

I’m rather disappointed as well as I ordered this, but received an entirely different shirt. Instead of receiving this one, I was told that it was sold out (and the website showed that, at the time which it doesn’t appear to be now) and was given a refund. I’d rather have had the shirt than a refund…even if it meant it would arrive after July 4th. I’m not asking for a refund or anything now, but rather more honest answers.

I’m so sorry. Your post and info have been sent along. You should hear back soon.