Sweet Riesling with Bubbles (6)

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling with Bubbles 6-Pack
$75.99 $96.00 21% off List Price
White Flowers Sweet Sparkling Riesling 750ml 6-Pack

Wasn’t this thing up overnight?

I think that was the brut.

One person has purchased and there’s 67% left. Need two more people to step up!

I’d make a purchase, but they won’t ship to me…

I used to post here a while back, asking the team to help me pair up wines with the girls I was dating. I didn’t know much about wine, but being a statistician, I would estimate how much wine woot would sell by the number of comments posted, and simply bought wine on the heard mentality. Now I’ve come back, with a steady girlfriend who prefers white wine, and I really notice how few comments are being posted. Seems pretty lonely.