Sweet Series II Plushies - Mystery Box!

Please let me get the taco… please let me get the taco… please let me get the taco…

These are amazing!

I can’t explain it but I love these things.

I ordered five. Will I get tacos or not? Soon to find out! Yay for random, the Woot! Way!

Is there any way to order some of these and CHOOSE which one? I would happily pay full price to ensure I get Prof. Plum and Taco. Thanks!

What size are these (approx)???

Exactly - I only want the Go Sports! one and have no interest in the other ones.

Last time I got these I ordered three and got three Go Sports!.

Ok, so you got these before, what size please? 3", 5", 9"???

3-5 is about the height of most of these.

I didn’t have a banana handy, so here’s Artichokey (from Series 1) compared to a Puppicorn (from TeeTurtle), which is about 5" tall excluding the horn.

I’m confused. Is the one plushy or 12?!


You’ll get one of the 12 shown in the picture, but you won’t know which until you open the package from Woot.

I don’t know why but I’m ordering 5 for my kids and niece and nephews. I don’t know why.

Only 1. Pretty disappointed. This part should be at the TOP of the description: You’ll receive 1 Assorted Plushie per order, and no you cannot choose which one. JCC

Quit showing all the choices when you only get 1 per order. Not clear at all, well, except for this part at the END of the description:“You’ll receive 1 Assorted Plushie per order, and no you cannot choose which one.” Put this at the beginning… JCC

Ordered 5 and received all the same ones.(Taco man) Very disappointed when they show so many options and limit you to max order of 5. I would not call this a deal.

As noted under features:

As someone who has purchased only a few of these in total over both generations, I feel they were being clear in the offer, both then and now. These were made for folks who enjoy shirt.woot’s designs, not as toys for kids.

Much like complaints about the shirt sizing after it arrives – Woot has links to the sizing charts on every shirt page, so the info is there and it’s on the buyer to have read them prior to ordering.

Ordered 5. Got 5 cats. Kids are happy with their multiple cats. That makes Mom happy that they have their multiple cats. Plus, I like cats.

I ordered 5 and got 5 penguins, which is fine since they are gifts…and they make very “cool” Christmas tree ornaments!