Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer or Stick

Mmmh I dont know about this one, Sweet Sweat eh?

Wait, this isn’t a Japanese soft drink?

So they beat me with the stick if I don’t sweat enough? Has woot jumped the shark, or am I just completely out of touch?

Don’t think this is a jump the shark situation. I’ve heard of the stuff on the PT training fields of Fort Bragg. One Soldier showed me one that he had in his car. They say it works well. All I can say is it smells good.


“This new series of ‘Trim-Jeans Theatre Presents’ will enable you to enjoy the poetry of T. S. Eliot whilst losing unsightly tummy bulge.”

I have this. This is such a good deal, I bought the gel stick and belt separately on amazon, costs much more.
I wear this when working out. My mid-section sweats so much compared when I don’t wear it. It’s recommended to take the belt off in the shower if you don’t want your sweats drench the floor.

Compared to days of old, the shark has been jumped, smacked, and beat down.

All I can say is meh.

Don’t jump a gift shark in the mouth…


Oh Woot, I thought you better than this nonsense. Of course you sweat more when you wear it, but you don’t lose weight.

Some dance to remember

Well, this help you to sweat (lose water), but does it help to lose body fat as well? losing weight does not mean losing body fat.

:wink: glad someone did.