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Re the Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Stone - Black - Last time (Just before Labor Day) I was happily in for three, unfortunately $5 shipping means someone in Woot’s Order fulfillment wasn’t up on the laws of physics and packed, shipped and delivered all three items in a single box with absolutely no protective materials. A box of rocks and dust was all that arrived.

So Buyers beware - Woot needs to address this mistake and confirm they’ve corrected the problem before consumers waste money and time chasing down refunds.

Good point! We did identify problems with the packing on these and have worked with both the vendors and warehouses to pack these much better.

(Continued apologies to those that received stone remnants in your order last time.)

I own the Breville Panini Grill. It is great and easy to use. One drawback is that the griddle plates are not removable which makes this a pain to cleanup.

Think someone was in a rush, and messed up. Not sure though.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels 30341-204 Twin Cuisine 8" Chef Knife has the santoku specs also listed under the description and the specs.

You seem to have chosen to list the santoku separately under this woot plus.

The santoku has the B-grade warning. The chef does not. Did you drop the B-grade warning on the chef when you split the listing up? The recent Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day had a similar/same chef knife that was B-grade.

(1) repair the chef listing specs + description, only a chef not santoku is offered
(2) check if chef is B-grade, add B-grade warning

How about a shipping coupon? I ordered it last time with some other small item I threw in, and when the main item I ordered (the baking stone) arrived in tiny pieces and was refunded, I essentially ended up paying $5 shipping on an $8 power strip (which I would not have bought on its own like that). I was not happy and I am still not happy even after emailing support. Instead I still feel scammed into buying something and paying shipping on it when I would not have otherwise.

That would be a question for customer service. Tip: use lots of nice words.

Any luck in getting clarification on whether the chef knife is also B-grade?

How about a deal on the coffee pods for the CBTL coffee/espresso maker on here? I bought one in the last go-around a couple of months ago, and keep having to go to Amazon or BB&B for my supplies.

Rather give my dineros to Woot (i.e. Amazon) on a killer deal …

Well, I’ve asked twice, but woot’s been unresponsive. Unfortunately, this has been happening more lately (esp. with warranty questions). Not sure if the mods can’t get answers or are just ignoring people.

To potential buyers, AFAIK, all of the Henckels knives recently on woot had been sold with a note that they are new but B-grade…except for this chef knife.

The chef knife listing isn’t even consistent itself.

The one sold on the Amazon Gold Box recently [B00066EOVO] was Zwilling J.A. Henckels 30341-203 Twin Cuisine 8" Chef Knife and was B-grade.

The one listed here:

–the title has a slightly different part number in the title, -204 instead of -203, but same knife name.
–the stats has the -204 part number but then adds that it’s the II version of the knife.

Probably very similar or the same thing.

The only place I could find the II version of the knife was on Williams-Sonoma (which had no relevant part number), where it said it was exclusive, so another ding that these are probably B-grades even though woot refuses to mention it.

Another buyer who got a box of rocks, (UPS wouldn’t even deliver the replacement order,also a box of rox) That must have been a very large charge to the “let’s not do this again” fund.

I’ll pass your request on. That might be something we have a hard time getting a competitive price but it’s worth researching.

I’ve just emailed. Let me see what I can find out. Problem is that we may not have samples for that and a holiday is looming. But I’m trying!

UPDATE: But today is your lucky day. These are ‘B’ grade and the sale has been updated.

Thanks. Looks like nearly the same knife sold on the Amazon Gold Box recently via woot, except for the last digit in the part number. Got one of those.

I’ll pick up one of the soundbars instead then shortly.

If nice words are actually a factor, I will be pretty disappointed. That said, looking at the email I sent to customer support, I used perfectly polite words (and not in a sarcastic manner). I speak my mind, and I thought I had a reasonable point (so I was not feeling enraged in any way). If this is not enough to get a little bit of satisfaction from customer service, rest assured I will be singing my problems to the world (as I am doing here).

Here is my message to Woot customer service after being informed the broken stone would be refunded:

Thank you, ______.
I was wondering; will the cost of this shipping also be refunded? Honestly I would not have made the purchase of the other item in the order if I was not already willing to pay shipping on this baking stone. As it stands right now, if I do not get shipping refunded, I will have paid $5 on a $9 surge protector, which is crazy.

The response from woot was curt and failed to re-assure me that my point was clearly understood.

I’ve had similar issues with Woot customer support. Still waiting weeks later for refunds on two TVs (I ordered two in a row which arrived DOA), which I had to spend $90 myself to ship back (Woot paid for the UPS label, but nothing else required to ship from Brooklyn). Also no response as to whether any of that would be refunded. I wouldn’t care so much, except that I’ve spent $1000s and have 90 Woots!

EDIT: I know this might be considered slightly off-topic, but I consider it on-topic in case one needs to be refunded for the stone if it ships the same way as happened previously.

Thank you. I’m in the market for a TV, but I will stop perusing Woot’s offerings now. I really don’t need that kind of hassle.

I’m with you. A (non-expiring) shipping coupon should have been an automatic gesture of goodwill, with any nice words being directed from Woot to their disappointed and inconvenienced customers. That would have been the Woot of old, anyway.

Agreed. The same thing happened to me with my purchase of a single unit. It was the item in a box with no cushioning. I got a refund after initially being told they would send a replacement. I am tempted to get this one but am wary of going through the same ordeal.

My two baking stones never even arrived. I finally checked tracking and saw that it was damaged in transit. Thankfully, I didn’t order filler like I usually do. Hopefully they have the shipping problem worked out.