Swept Away

very cool design! i can’t look away

Patrickspens has done it again! I don’t evven know how you can make such beautiful designs!

It’s as if the entire world is falling away as he reads and is being replaced with another, better reality.

I love the sunlight coming through the window. You can almost see the dust motes.

Love it. Such sweep. Although I am going to occasionally take a liberty and imagine the seated figure is sketching and/or writing.

Dude needs some more furniture. His place is downright Spartan.

The title is very fitting; the depth of the art that Patrick conveyed here has my breath swept away.

I’m looking into your soul. I Love the perspective angle, it’s very imaginative.

This may be the most beautiful Woot shirt I have ever seen…stunning realism. You are so talented.

This shirt is a totally original design, right? I love it, but before I buy I want to make sure there isn’t some media reference I’m missing the connection to.

I wonder if Neil Peart will wear this shirt during the Clockwork Angels tour…

Called it.
Any shirt with an airship in it is an automatic winner in my book.

I never knew how old Patrick was before. How long before he can retire?

Well, steam punk settings love air ships and they are in ff games. But no, it doesn’t remind me of anything specific.

I wonder if the artist has heard of Immram: Voyage of the Corvus Corrone, the synth-prog legend? The art is very similar to the art they used, flying space-boats galore! :smiley:

First thing I thought of was the ship in Stardust…
Gorgeous design!

I thought the exact same thing. Neil Gaiman rocks my socks.

That’s exactly what I thought too!!

holy crap!
Is a design that awesome even possible!?