Swiffer Continuous Air Cleaning System

Swiffer Continuous Air Cleaning System

bought two of these for slightly more last time up. they are silent! the filters are chipped and have a memory so no just buying two and switching bags to machines. They also get very dark when used up and look dirtier than they really are. You will use about a bag a month. No one has been able to come up with a hack for the chip, at least that I have found…yet. Three dogs and a cat with major dirt construction behind our house make these worth it. the fans do not bother the animals either the cat sometimes lays right next to the filter. Would buy again

Why did I pay more last time? I HATE YOU WOOT

Ta Da


Nobody shops at Woot any more. It’s too crowded.

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I have so much hate towards them now. First the air mattresses yesterday and now this. I hope woot BURNS

aww. Well, at least you thought it was a good deal at the time.

I guess you could try to initiate a return and then turn around and buy the cheaper one. Myself, unless it’s a substantial discount probably wouldn’t get/try to get too worked up over it.


This was yesterday? I had a helluva time checking out yesterday. The buy page wouldn’t ever resolve/connect and was verrrrrrry slow when it did. I think the servers were crashing or something. I did manage to buy some cheesecloth (yay) but the set of kitchen cabinet knobs never would let me check out. I rebooted and of course the ONE SET that they were selling was gone.

I don’t know, they were dropping like a billion items so maybe it was a test or something. Either way, not a smooth UX for me.

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Do these have a scent, or is it strictly air purification?

Not really. I can hear the fan running.

No scent, just a filter.

It was yesterday and I’m still mad as hell

Only $28.80 on morningsave if you use your VMP coupon.

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How much is shipping though? I went there and the receive date is Jan 7th.

Oh no, who did I offend?

Free if VMP. I don’t know if not… Like $5 I think