Swiss Army Nomad One-Hand-Open Knife

**Item: **Swiss Army Nomad One-Hand-Open Knife
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New

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Let’s learn all about the warranty

Single perfect review from Amazon

“Everything I need in a utlity knife: 3/4 serrated locking blade (with slowish one-hand opening) which cuts like crazy, locking screwdriver, and a comfy grip. The small screwdriver and corkscrew get a little use too.”

Can you double check the warranty information. First of all the warranty is provided by Victorinox, not Swiss Army. And shouldn’t this have a lifetime warranty?

I owned one (black version) for a decade and it held up great. I lost it recently and need to replace it. This deal after shipping is about the same as Amazon if your order gets free shipping.

Nomad Multi Tool Red/black

Looks like it’s not bad as a backup knife. If you have $50 more to blow, get yourself the Victorinox SwissTool. F_cking excellent multi-tool and very durable. I had one for about 13 years before it was stolen from my car one night.

Why do you show the width and height in inches but the most important detail - length - in millimeters?

I reeeeally wish this featured a good spring clip to keep it at-the-ready at the top of your pocket, vs buried at the bottom.

This blade on this one is different. This has the serrated, one hand opening blade. The one on amazon has the normal blade.
Here is the same one and it runs $40.00 or more.


I own one of these already. Going to get another for my EDC bag. Great price.

111mm >> 4 3/8"
For the mm impaired.

Victorinox is also a maker of these knives. If you want a Swiss Army knife from Swiss Army, order from them. Vistorinix has been making “swiss army” knives for years. I own one and have no problem with it…

We have several (6-8) Victorinox multifunction knives but they all have the traditional shape/look to them. Was today’s product an attempt to play in the contemporary shaped handle market… one that perhaps failed? (Dramatic price discount)

Seems like they downplay the Victorinox name in the marketing/naming… even on the Amazon listings from the non-Amazon seller on Amazon. Not mentioned anywhere in this Woot - unless you zoom the blade pic. Perhaps because they didn’t want their traditional knife business sullied?

BTW, with all the truly crappy fly-by-night knives out there, we completely trust Victorinox for these multifunction knives.

This Woot deal seems like a great way to get into this Victorinox category for a respectable price.

Can it really be used one-handed? I would like to get it for someone who suffered a stroke and is now partially paralyzed. I don’t know if he would use it, but I think he would be cheered by the fact he COULD use it.

While I agree that it is weird to change units, it really isn’t hard to convert from mm to inches. Maybe it’s just being an engineer, but that’s a daily occurrence for me.

Even if you don’t know how to convert it, google does. Simply google 111 mm to inches.

Yes, the blade sucks. I remember seeing a review when I was looking to buy this knife that called it “steak knife-like serrations”. I wasn’t to thrilled about it. So I bought the straight blade version called the OHT (One Hand Trekker) and it is a great knife. Although I do remember seeing a forum where someone said you can file the serrations down and sharpen it…

Victorinox is the company that makes swiss army knives. There is no company “Swiss Army”. Swiss Army is a product line/trademark of Victorinox.

If this is like their other knives (I have a few of the models that have the smooth black plastic handles), the main blade is one-handed and is a liner lock, so opening and closing can be done with one hand.

The rest of the implements will usually require two hands to get open.

If you’re just looking for a blade without the implements, I’d suggest something like the Spyderco Tenacious.

Yeah, the blade is the opposite/reverse of what you’d expect, with the sawtooth (weak) serrations toward the tip and the plain edge inside toward the hinge. Usually you want finer control with the plain edge towards the tip and your rope cutting serrations toward the hinge where it’s stronger.