Swiss Cheese

I think I’d like the print more if the mouse had been as detailed as the cheese.

lovely how the mouse looks like a patch of fabric was cut out of the shirt. #depth

Do you think if I threw this at Roger Federer during the US Open he’d wear it?

So, as I read this shirt, it goes something like this.

Mouse + ??? = Profit?

Man this shirt is so cheesy.

This will go great with my + shaped bread and ham!

simple, clean, and a bit clever.

i’d probably like this a lot more if i wasn’t continually battling a tiny furry visitor in my apartment. (i have named him art spiegelmouse)


First thought was it was a red cross t-shirt but I think I got my colors wrong.

Lab mice bent on world domination? Like.
Cute mouse with a portal gun? Like.
Normal mouse just wanting to eat cheese? Ummm, where’s the mouse trap?

Croix de Gruyère?

So, as I read this shirt, it goes something like this.

Mouse + ??? = Profit?

I . . . I don’t get it :frowning:

I’m thinking the Red Cross needs to clean their food storage warehouses…

this is a fun, witty design–but it really doesn’t need the mouse to make its point. in fact, if the rodent were gone, i’d actually buy this tee. oh, well…

Yeah, someone explain in english please. I don’t understand!

The only Swiss cheese I have ever liked was at San Francisco Steakhouse. I sure miss that place…even if the girl on the swing dangling above my head was a bit nerve wracking… @_@

That being said…I must buy this… I need more rodents on my body! -rolls in them-

the switzerland flag is red with a white cross on it–the artist is enhancing that concept with a punny illustration of the cross being made of swiss cheese.