Swiss Gamepad

Whoa! I was “first sucker!” I feel so proud.

here it is

If those items are full size then that’s the second biggest controller I’ve ever seen!

Since woot is doing a pirate themed woot off, I figured I would make my comment based off the best pirate of all, Guybrush Threepwood Mighty Pirate!

So I’m playing Guitar Hero on my NES now, huh? Sorry, I just don’t understand.

The point is its the controller that is closest to a Swiss Army knife in shape. I’m sorry you want more realism in your fantasy.

It’s implying that the controller is whatever object your character wields in-game. Also, it’s a SNES controller, not a NES controller.

Ends Sept 20th, so only a 2 day woot off

I think this design would have been a lot cooler if the SNES controller just had the standard Swiss Army tools like a knife and scissors and a can opener.

Also, when’s the last time Woot used metallic ink on a design? Quite the special occasion.

The end dates are midnight at the end of the date in question, right? That’s three days.
Or, it’s just for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Also, wrong thread?

Dear Nintendo, Sega, and Sony: whoever makes one of these first wins.

I didn’t even think twice about buying this shirt for my boyfriend, he is a knife man, and video game guy! Great Shirt!!!

Would you believe third biggest?

That joke has multiple sources :wink:

Of all the stupid woot shirt designs, this is definitely the stupidest. If its not a stupid pun, its a stupid video game reference. Do you guys only have 2 designers or what?

Huh, I loved it until I noticed the golf club and tennis racket.

There’s no point even trying to argue against such accurate and not-exaggerated statements. Perhaps woot isn’t the place for you. I have a feeling that most of the people you know in real life harbor some sort of dislike for you.

I like the shirt, congrats Lim Heng Swee.

This one reminds me of yesterday’s Qwertee shirt. Nerdy and awesome :slight_smile:

Finally, Battlefield 3 gets some love in the write-up!

This shirt tells the world: “Up up down down for LIFE.”

I think something like that in gothic script tattoo letters accross the stomach of a flesh-toned shirt, a la Tupac’s “Thug Life” would make a great shirt. I would personally chose the NES Contra code for unlimited lives… Up Down Left Right A B Select Start 4 Life.

Just bought the shirt for my husband based solely on the merit of the description … It’s like you hired him to write it. (He’d be buying it himself except he’s busy winning the FIFA World Cup. In our living room.)