Swiss Gear Crevasse 0 Degree Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag

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Swiss Gear Crevasse 0 Degree Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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mmmm… larvae…


GOT ONE :smiley:

Why is woot trying to get us to go camping?

Good price.

I was almost tempted to get a cozy cocoon, but then again, I don’t want to turn into a butterfly!

How about a kids’ sleeping bag?

Perfect to donate to your local Occupy.

They need to re-stock on BoC items, so they need you to leave your house so they can break in and steal your stuff.

Well, that’s probably a really good deal for those of you who like to camp out when it’s freezing outside and you don’t have someone to help you keep yourself warm.

what a steal!! Everyone buy these!

It’s official, this Wootoff is officially pandering to either crackpots stockpiling for the zombie apocalypse or Occupy Wall Street.

I imagine there’s some demographic crossover there.

Hey, let’s prepackage ourselves for the serial killer!" - Jim Gaffigan

in for 1

Missed it, and I wanted 3! grrrrr…

dammit, finally something I want and it sells out immediately >:[

How about adding the weight for those of us who still backpack?

let them buy their own,