Swiss Gear Falera Family Dome Tent

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Swiss Gear Falera Family Dome Tent
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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If you want one, get it before #OWS learns about it.

Great…now I can finally occupy something

Looks like a solid tent. Tempted.

$5 cheaper at Overstock.

Swiss Gear ‘Falera’ 5-person Family Dome Tent
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Today $56.99

Does this mean I’ll have to go outside?

At least it’s not another 265 Acer laptops.

$105 on Amazon… but with only 2 stars

The next Woot site will be

if 5 can sleep comfortably, how many can sleep uncomfortably?

For those lonely nights in the backyard when your wife kicks you out for leaving the toliet seat up.

My backpacking tent is a Swiss Gear. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the quality for a cheapie. This thing, however, is a different kettle of tents.

$105 on amazon

Yup… im looking for a tent, but will have to pass on this because of the 2 stars review.
Plastic stakes? Not good!

Only if you want to be outside with that air bed with the headboard.

Can I fit my hundred dollar queen size blow up bed in this thing?