Swiss Gear Falera Family Dome Tent

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Swiss Gear Falera Family Dome Tent
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Swiss Family Tent…
Sells for $105 on amazon but a couple poor reviews.

Is this deja vu from yesterday? Desktop computers and family dome tents galore!

$105 on amazon.

i thought we had a dome tent already

Back to doing homework I guess…

How many people does ‘Family’ account for?

Obviously this isn’t big enough to fit all of the Duggars family in it.

Occupy Woot Off…it just doesn’t have the same ring as Wall Street.

Occupy! Or something.

Swiss Family Endorsed?

Does it come with the corkscrew and bottle opener too?

Nice looking tent, made me tent.

This really is the ideal time of year for camping.

It’s cold out there! I want to stay inside my house!

I finally figured out this Woot-Off… Woot! is outfitting the “Occupy” crowd.

Cameras, Tripods, Tents, Gaming Headphones, Night Vision Goggles, Knives, Cots…


Where are all the funny pics? Wooters are failing at this woot off!

Looks like it fails miserably in the rain.

these guys make the Swiss Army knife

I have a similar tent. For $105 I understand the poor reviews. But for this price I think it is a good weekend tent for a family.