Swiss Gear Lighted Hiking Pole – Two Pack

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Swiss Gear Lighted Hiking Pole - Two Pack
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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WOOT I think you know where to put this pole right about now!!

Take a hike!

I don’t hike, but I can use these to pick up trash with them.

Use these to stab woot employees who cant support server overload…

I actually found a pretty cheap hiking pole a couple weeks ago. Near my backyard. I like to call it a stick. It was lighted too, at least when I lit it on fire.

Looks like it could be used to cook food on the grill from my hammock with this.

How useful!

Bag of carps give me ulcers. I made it to the order confirmation page , but with no success !!!

What the fark am I suppose to do with this!!

I can tell you where to stick it!

Up your ass after that last bag of crap woot.

Got all the way up to paying and it says sold out.

fuck you woot!!

Sorry, someone else is going to have to buy these.

They are very pointy at the end–may be good in case of a bear attack!

Or hike… doh!

It is quite alright if you don’t ski, they won’t discriminate. Plus they are inanimate hiking poles. So they really can’t discriminate.

S. Carolina and Alabama are taking hikes?

No…now it’s Utah and Idaho!

Who knew red state people were so into hiking poles.

If I use those who will hit refresh on my PC to see the next item? Are you telling us to leave?

cheap hiking poles are generally cheap for a reason. $35 at Amazon:

Pretty bad reviews but definitely not surprising. Be prepared to pay $90+ for a decent pair

It’s like a pet rock… except that your buying a stick!!!

If they have more than ten of these, I probably have time to go shopping