Swiss Legend Ceramic Watches

These are ginormous. I wear the “black & silver with black” and people can’t believe it’s a “ladies watch”.

But I like it.

The Swiss are indeed good at watches. But this is not a Swiss made watch. It is a Swiss company, and a few models of their watches use Swiss parts, but they are largely made and assembled in China. For another $20 you can get a much, much nicer watch.

My wife has a white w/ rose gold with 1 carat of diamonds and the face is not huge, it’s feminine. There are many styles in the ceramic band watches though.

Her only problem was getting used to the weight of the band, otherwise she loves it. I have a men’s watch in this brand, much more masculine watch I bought elsewhere so I don’t ruin my much more expensive watches. I get compliments on it and it works great for the past year I’ve owned it.

I trust Swiss Legend, so far so good for an inexpensive yet expensive looking watch.

I completely disagree. We own a total of 3 SL’s for everyday use. Look at the price of the Timex watches, very similar and I’m not knocking Timex. I own 1.

First, I am not saying that anyone would be disappointed with these watches. I didn’t mean to give that impression. All I was saying is that the manufacturer is misleading, because these are Chinese watches, and that for a little more money you can get something significantly nicer. Which you can.

Second, I would not consider Timex watches to be any nicer than these. I think Timex watches are utter crap, as a matter of fact.

Seiko, Bianci, and Michael Kors all make very similar looking watches as these for just over $100. Much nicer quality, a history of dependability, and they don’t try to misrepresent their products by pretending to be something they are not.

“List price” $995, but sells for no more than $150 on any other website. Get real.

HOW is it misleading? Because they say they are “made with Swiss movements”? Go onto Roberto Bianci’s website; you’ll find the same wording: “Roberto Bianci incorporates Italian design together with Swiss movements” - but NOWHERE do they note where the watches are actually made. I wonder why. Oh, and Bianci ceramic watches start at $319.

Michael Kors? Um, they don’t make watches. They license their name to Fossil. Go online and find out where Fossil watches are actually assembled. You’ll be surprised.

I’m not a Swiss Legend cheerleader, by any means, but I will tell you that based upon my experiences with this company they stand behind their product - which, for the money, is better than those you’ve mentioned.

I have been looking for a good quality full ceramic watch that was affordable for a while now. I decided to give this one a try. I have large wrists, most women’s watches are too tight, this one is actually too big. I will have to take it to have a couple of links removed.
It’s definitely a large watch for a woman’s watch. I prefer that since I have large wrists and I don’t like small dainty watches, however this one is even large by my standard. They do make a petite version of this watch which I think would fit better.
I can probably get accustomed to the size and weight, I just regret that I will have to spend more money on the links removal.

I have metal allergies, this is why I wanted a full ceramic, no allergic reaction. The fact that it has a ceramic back plate was really the deciding factor, the back of most watches is where the allergic reaction happens. I’m not going to be worried about that with this watch thanks to the ceramic back.

In all the pictures the black band has an almost flat or silk looking finish, in reality it is a highly polished very shiny finish that does show finger prints. I got the black on black with silver numbers, on the pictures it shows the tiny numbers around the outer dial as black and not really showing up, in reality the numbers on the outer ring are also silver and do show up. I was happy to see that. I have a little problem seeing the dial numbers at times in some light. It’s the dark on dark.
I just received it so can’t comment on how well it works yet, but I had no problems setting the time or date.

I would just like to receive mine so I can contribute to the conversation. I ordered it on July 15th, and don’t even have a shipping date yet. Not happy Woot, not happy at all.

I’m loving my Swiss Legand watch. i had to get used to the weight, but that didnt take long.

Now, a problem: the white bevel-like ring that has the seconds indication (00, 15, 30, 45) just popped out. I heard it hit the carpet, luckily. Does this just come out? do I have to do something to secure it, or do I have to go through the warrenty process now?

Also, are these sold in stores? Not for fixing, but maybe for advice from a sales person?

please email and let them know you haven’t received your order information. they’ll be able to assist with your specific order details.

sorry for the delay.

i would imagine that you’ll have to get the warranty honored, but i am not certain.
i suggest contacting the manufacturer (since you’ve got a 1 yr warranty through them) to get a concrete answer. if you need additional assistance along the way, email our CS team at

What is the purpose of the outer ring with minutes or seconds marked around the circumference? Mine will turn but only in one direction. Why? What for?