Swiss Legend Luggage

Are the swiss lengend luggages as legendary as their watches?

This appears to be the same company that sells the watches. The logo is the same.
Their watches are really low end stuff with fake “Swiss” movements. They get away with using the word “Swiss” because of some loophole in the Swiss trade laws. But of course they are Chinese.
So this is cheap luggage from the people that sell the cheap watches.
If it’s checked baggage, a lot of people prefer to use cheap luggage because it’s going to get trashed anyway.
The three piece set is still available and looks to be a pretty good deal. If you travel a lot and get one year of service from the bags, you did pretty well.

The better question is, are they as legendary as their armies knives.

one year use of of these? they better provide 5 years of usage given that’s what their warranty is for.

$200 is a good deal for 3 pieces? I see luggage sets that are quite a bit cheaper. If they are both junk quality, then it would come down to price, and the cheaper one always wins.