Swiss Legend Mens Stainless Steel Watch

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New Swiss Legend Mens Stainless Steel Watch, for $89.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Swiss Legend Mens Stainless Steel Watch SL-90013-33 or SL-90013-22

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In general, Swiss Legend watches get decent reviews on Buzzillions…

Swiss Legend is for buyers who want something with “Swiss” in the title and don’t care about it actually being Swiss.

I’d suggest Invicta or other brands which are better with their Swiss products. I say this out of experience: I’ve had a few Swiss Legend watches die on me whereas all of my Invicta watches held up.

Wow, where’s everyone. This watch anygood?

BOOO! no ugly watch for me…

Hmm, if I didn’t already have a nice watch…

I drive a Saab and I like ABBA, are Swedes as “KOOL” as the Swiss?

Quartz, blah.

If only Woot would put up an automatic Swiss, stainless, blue face, I’d be in.


Good price, normally $300

I like Swiss cheese just because of the name “Swiss”

I’ve never heard of a “swiss legend” pertaining to anything…pass

Popular in TN, apparently!

Eh, My Movado is plenty of watch for me… skipping this one…

it looks better than the stupid invicta i bought here.

Well, the idea is that since Swiss watchmakers have been making watches for a long time, they tend to do a better job. This just seems to be the general opinion from people who have worn Swiss, Japanese, American (what?) and Chinese watches (or watches with those movements). There are a few exceptions; Miyota, for example, makes some pretty awesome Japanese movements. However, for the most part, the Swiss are the most respected.

A few years ago I discovered a Casio wrist watch which stays accurate by updating itself with the National Bureau of Standards (WWV) and powers itself with a solar face- no battery changing. Absolutely accurate and no maintenance.
Sorry Woot, I’m spoiled and will settle for nothing less…

Swiss Legend makes average knock-off designs that’ll probably last for a few years under normal wear and tear. The problem with these particular models is that THEY ARE GINORMOUS!! It’s a good thing that they’re waterproof to 100 meters because if you dive into a swimming pool, you’ll go straight to the bottom, wrist first. But, your waterproof watch will still keep on tickin’.

Which one? I use the Gunmetal one (5093) from June as my beater. It has yet to scratch, and it’s plated as well, which is why I’m so happy with it. It’s the only plated watch I’ve used as a beater that hasn’t rubbed off to some extent after two months.