Swiss Legend Neptune Men's Watches

3.5 star reviews on Amazon

A nice watch for when your phone battery is depleted and you need to know the time and date

Hey Woot: analog watch, large easy-to-read display, reasonable price, 2 time zones. Got it? Two time zones. Get on it, OK?

Oh, and a pastrami with swiss on rye to go, please.

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t normally read the whatchamacallit homepage narratives, but today’s “Storied Swiss” is not bad. Are they always that good?

Also, the given dimensions seem to indicate that this gizmo is roughly the size of an ancient Greek Olympic discus, totally inappropriate for a thin-wristed female not in the gangsta circuit. True?

I love these made-up list prices! $395!? Where has a “Swiss Legend” (neither Swiss nor a legend) ever been sold for $395? This brand is the blue light special of third-rate, online “malls.”

Woot, how could you stoop so low?

Check out this brief overview on the Neptune series [youtube=8L7b_PDqARw][/youtube]

A word of warning: this is a Chinese watch (note the lack of “Swiss Made” on the dial). The “Swiss quartz” movement is a Chinese Tianjin ST16 that is finished in Switzerland, allowing them to label it Swiss.

A Timex is a better bet.

Thanks for posting that video, I’m definitely in the market for a new watch, but this one is way thicker than I would prefer, which is something you cant tell from the preview of the watches. I was attracted to the many color options, but the thing just looks too goofy for a wrist. I currently wear a seiko. I think buying this and wearing it instead of my seiko would be the shoe equivalent of a croc… which if I owned my own island would be illegal and punishable by spike-pit,

The one they’re selling on woot seems to be the original one, and not the one they are describing in this video. These are 52mm around, and 19mm tall, the one in the video he’s discussing is considerably smaller. On another note, most watches this size usually have 200m or more water resistant rating.

The important thing to note is that the manufacturer makes them up, not the retailer. :tongue:

Psssh, these don’t even light up.

I expect a stopwatch/alarm built into my analog-display watch for that kind of money. Seriously, Apple just came out with a slapband wrist-mountable iPod thing. A watch that does nothing else but display analog time is… meh.

Find me a watch — especially a Timex" — that’s branded Swiss Made on the dial for $49.95. There are minimum standards enacted by the Swiss government regarding content and labor before a watch can be branded “Swiss Made.” That said, you might want to look into the current quality of Chinese watch movements before you denigrate them — especially Tianjin Sea-Gull, which makes a tourbillion movement that’s fairly highly regarded for its cost. Is it Swiss Made? No — but as a tourbillion, neither is it $100,000+.
The Neptune is a pretty decent watch for $49.95. It’s not a chronograph; just a simple three-handed watch that keeps good time, with a shaped silicone ring around the case that gives it the “look” of a deep diver’s watch…again, without the price of one.
A Timex, huh? Wow. I bet you’re one of those guys who still yearns for a Twist-O-Flex watchband, too, eh?

Big. Ugly. And stupid looking.God I wish this trend of wearing a clock on your wrist would pass.

What about wearing a clock around your neck, Flavor Flav-style?

Comments from it’s previous sale:

BTW, whether you like them or not, big watched are in right now.

I’m still trying to find the watch worn by Will Ferrell in the movie Stranger Than Fiction which is a Timex Men’s Watch #T56371 - Ironman Triathlon 42 Lap Combo Dual Tech, though in the film the watch’s LCD display is CG enhanced to present clearer graphics. The actual watch is a simple 9 segment per character LCD alphanumeric mode display with three lines and some special-indicators.
If anyone knows where one is sold, please let us know.

So am I blind, or is the “Discuss this deal” button moved? I had to go to the “community” tab to comment.

Thank you defender of all things Chinese.

This watch with the insane MSRP reminds me of the cheap Cross pen knock-offs that have a $75 MSRP and are at the dollar store.

Actually my Timex is also Chinese, but the dial lights up, the finish has not worn off in two years and it doesn’t look like something from the 80’s.

RUN AWAY!! I bought one the last time it was offered up on Woot! It loses time- as much as ten minutes a day. You would be better off getting into a land war in Asia. Even sent it in to SWI under warranty and accurate time STILL seems to escape it’s scrutiny.