Swiss Legend Watches - Men's

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Swiss Legend Watches - Men’s
$59.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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I like watches, but I don’t wear any. This one seems pretty decent.

No exposed gears? Boo!


$149.99 on and

I have a thing for that ‘blacked out’ style you see nowadays. This watch looks pretty neat and the best prices I could find in my quick evening scan was around 112 dollars on ebay. If anyone wants to buy it for me I wont stop you :tongue:

just a question for those of you in the know.
does this have some kind of illumination to it? or do i have to carry a flashlight with me to see it in the dark?

Looks like a sweet watch, gonna use it for work.

In for one.

[Edit: Erm, actually, nearly 2 inches is massive on my wrist… I’ll pass, I guess.]

FYI: These things are huge at 48 - 52mm. They are designed as over-sized watches and wear a bit like a hockey puck on your wrist.

These watches are available at, and a few other associated family of websites. They regularly go on sale for about $70 shipped, so if you like these, this is not a bad deal at $65 shipped

you will need a flashlight

actually, just $75 (free shipping) from world of watches


per the item description, a candle will suffice.

thats a deal breaker for me. thanks for the info.


If you like wearing pancake sized discs on your wrist because your ego needs attention, this watch will be perfect for you!

The case is pretty big…I’m no longer a fan of massive wrist clocks. Especially since Randy Jackson overstayed his welcome to this style a few years ago…ugh!


That’s just a “WOW price” promo for the black one. The other colors are still $149.99. Regardless, Woot’s price is cheaper for all of them.

This watch is 10 minutes slow.

Don’t bother. The so called “Swiss Legend” is a company based in Florida.

Like Invicta, they pretend to sell high quality watches by severely marking up the retail price and selling them at a huge “discount”.

In reality, these watches are a hit and miss when it comes to quality, and customer service is usually horrible, if existent.

Pass on this and buy a Citizen or a Seiko.

Or because some people have real man arms and not little boy spaghetti noodles. I require a bigger watch because normal size ones look odd and tiny.

[Mod: Removed the part that got a bit personal. :wink:]