Swiss Style Truffles Made With Fresh Cream

all i can say is mmmmmmmmm… nothing better than mid-week chocolate… and wow, someone beat wootbot. how is that even possible.

Darn was hoping for cheese or just straight up high quality dark chocolate.

YUM chocolate!!!

ohhh truffles!!! too bad im most recently single…guess ill buy for myself!!!

Bleck. 35 bucks for 24 little pieces of chocolate. Are you people made of money??

Oh woot… this is torture. I am trying my hardest not to eat candy anymore. These would be like heaven. I am torn. I was hoping for some great wine, but this might just tide me over.

Excellent with wine, I’m sure.

Mmm, some truffles for me to celebrate Singles Day!

hopefully cheese next time…

if these were from recchiutti i’d be all over it. otherwise, meh.


Article about the “world famous DeBas Chocolatier”

Anyone know anything about the chocolate maker here? Ever tried them before? I normally go with good ol’ reliable Godiva truffles for my GF on Valentine’s Day. Can anyone compare?

mmm, I know it would go wonderfully with my new bottle of Sauternes, but $35 is just too much for that much chocolate.I can go to a local confectionary (San Francisco bay area) and pick up something with 90% the taste for probably 50% the cost.

I’ll buy a box… just to cover up my blue tooth headset.

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No last minute stop at the corner pharmacy for some chocolates and a card, priceless. I know, I’m a hopeless romantic.

Ahhh…why not. I hate the lines at Godiva this time of year, and these are cheaper than what I usually get. Besides, familiarity breads contempt.

Oh, and did I mention I just happen to like cremes? Heh Heh.

I guess I better make sure I pick up some flowers, too. Just in case.

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This is officially my 10th wine.woot purchase. I guess I cold always consider it an anniversary gift for myself, if the wifey don’t like em…

In for 3…one for each of my girlfriends…

Here is an article about Guy Debas, how he got into the wine truffle business, and even more interesting how he got in to the chocolate business.
How many people can survive being shot by terrorists 22 times and then go on to build a gourmet chocolate business?

I haven’t tried these, but apparently they are good enough that a major chocolate manufacturer has bought them and made Guy Debas a Vice Pres.

Much of their business is organic which will drive up the price. Are they better than Godiva? Probably. Are they worth $30 a box? Depends how much of a chocoholic you or the person you are buying for is. Some people like to try new things, while some like the tried and true. Figure out the person you are shopping for and act accordingly.

I’m in for at least 1.