SwissGear Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

SwissGear Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

is this filled with crap? I need one of those bags containing crap

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This backpack is awesome, lots of space for crap… your crap, not woot’s crap. I repeat NOT WOOT Crap…

careful, they might send you one filled with WootStaff’s Pet excrement.

I have one of these - very nice backpack, but I did have to get a replacement. I have a Dell Mobile Precision 7710 laptop and it’s a tight fit - enough that it busted the zipper when trying to ‘round the corner’. I’m still going to buy a couple of these for my kids to transport their lappies in though.

The separate tablet space is a nice touch too

Thankfully that did not happen to me. Got this backpack on March’s woot-off. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase

I noticed this item, one I waited all day for, was not sold as promised in the email sent to my electronic mail this morning. My lawyer says I have a solid case of false advertisement and am entitled to one of these filled with Switches.

Look around this is way too much money to spend on this model.
Currently the 6752 ($85 msrp vs 1900’s $65) is this price at Sam’s club. The 1900 is out of stock now was $19. I paid $14 something for it a long while ago.

I no longer use swiss gear as a primary laptop bag for most part - though I have several backups with backup laptops in case.