SwissSafe Emergency Glow Sticks 12Pk

SwissSafe Emergency Glow Sticks 12Pk

Perfect for the goth rave you have planned…
C’mon, admit it…
Quarantine ain’t gonna stop you and your friends from getting down with your dork… DARK side.


What’s the shelf-life on these? I always try to have extra glow sticks for trick-or-treaters, but it is unlikely that I will have need for that this year.

edit: Oh yeah… read the description, Einstein. Expiry date 2025.

I’m waiting for the next item. It’s like woot knew it was in my Amazon cart :rofl:

Not saying you should try this, but it has been done.

What is the next item exactly

Frozen shotglasses.

Says 5 years in the description. I imagine YMMV.

On the app, it shows you what’s coming up next (excluding bags of crap). In this case it was food grade diotamaceous earth