Swisstek Android Endoscope

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Swisstek Android Endoscope
Price: $14.99
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lol. criminal.

Don’t get refurbed. You have no idea where that might have been.

Oh, this is fantastic! I’ll be able to see wtf is slowing my toilet now!

Is this compatible with my iPhone 6s?

Funny, a Google search for “Swisstek STKENDO” returns two results. You have to really try to get so few. I’m impressed.

Is this compatible with the Pixel phone?

The Pixel is an Android phone, so it should be. You’ll need a USB plug type converter as the Pixel uses a newer format.

“640x480 HD” … Lol, in what universe is that High Definition!

This review had issues with it:

Whut Whut? In da butt?

Couldn’t help myself.

I used to play a game in the earlier days of google where you come up with two words and see if you can get a single search result. It’s basically impossible these days to get anything without at least a dozen results.

I played that game, too. Then Google wanted to make more money and changed the results algorithm. I remember winning lots of bets with weird medical terms combined with cosmology topics.

Would that be a RearEndoscope?